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The abolition of taxes on paper has allowed to increase the number of pages in newspapers offering readers more During this period competition has increased significantly As a result prices were falling This made it necessary to sell more copies of the title in order to cover the costs To achieve this and achieve profit the newspapers have become more and more dependent on advertising the costs had to start covering the advertiser It was believed that the cheaper capitalist press would gain more readers and counteract the unraveling of trade unions In 1853 the obligation to advertise was lifted New technological developments introduction of steam and rotary press accelerated production and gave rise to the increase in its costs which caused the fall of the radish presses It began a boom for the capitalist press The British Press 2008 The appearance of the electric telegraph changed the world of newspapers contributed to immediacy which was a great importance for the news The information could be sent instantaneously over long distances Before the French Revolution there were radical publications but they were not published regularly they were not often read and were not related to the needs of the working class 

The radical mood of the working class began to be noticed From 1815 the press that was issued was aimed at influencing the opinion of the working class against radical political solutions As late as 1832 there was no formal teaching in Great Britain Many children then went to unofficial schools where the greatest emphasis was put on reading skills So at that time the radical newspapers were the main source of reading The British Press 2008 50 years after the abolition of taxes on knowledge radical newspapers disappeared There were many reasons They concerned political subjects they were grim and dogmatic They did not adapt to the needs of commercial advertisers In the late Victorian period daily national and local newspapers were created Their readers expected live news and entertainment That is why the newspapers founded in 1843 contained sports news stories political commentaries and sensations The term new journalism appeared It was outfitted with a new style that appeared after 1855 Popular magazines were characterized by the appearance of a journalist who had his own style The journalist was the one who was deciding what he was writing and what he was writing about He had his own separate style which contrasted strongly with the previous one Of course the change of style is due to the huge technological progress in Victorian times 1851 was the year of the appearance of the Reuters news agency Paul Julius Reuter a German born British immigrant set up an office in London from which he sent stock quotes from London to Paris via a newly installed cable from Calais to Dover The Reuters agency which soon became a known institution expanded the range of its services to the entire British press as well as the press of some European countries also enriched the scope of information provided including general and economic news from around the world 

With the development of communication facilities such as the construction of a ground telegraph and cable laying under the seabed the agency s scope of activity began to expand beyond the borders of Europe to reach the Far East in 1872 and in 1874 to South America Reuters was the first to report the killing of Abraham Lincoln The British Press 2008 The Education Act 1870 influenced the emergence of a new working class that sought out any reading magazines The answer to this act was the publication of Tit bits by Georg Newnes in 1881 His publications quickly gained in interest In 1891 he published The Strand Magazine with the adventures of Sherlock Holmes Btirish Press p 24 Soon his publications achieved sales of half a million copies However people sought populism in his publications He created the world only for the reader and was very close to him This period was called the new journalism It was characterized by a lighter style variety and novelty and it was that what influenced its popularity and attracting more and more readers In 1885 William Thomas Stead created campaigns against child prostitution which was the problem of the Victorian era

 A series of articles titled Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon caused a real storm in London In 1890 he edited for Review of Reviews where he wrote about humanitarian problems affecting London Stead was an ardent supporter of the development of new journalism the light press What s more he was one of the first editors who employed women as journalists He has changed Victorian newspapers through illustrations and numerous campaigns The New Journalism completely changed the world of current newspapers Journalists they started writing on the right issues to inform the world and change it for the better It was serious and significant journalism which was involved in public political and social life This phenomenon is best illustrated by the words of W T Stead I am but a comparatively young journalist but I have seen Cabinets upset Ministers driven into retirement laws repealed great social reforms initiated Bills transformed estimates remodelled Acts passed generals nominated governors

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