Essay Example on Innocence or Savagery in a man In Lord Of The Flies








Innocence or Savagery in a man In Lord Of The Flies A symbol effectively guide the boys from chaos and destruction Ralph and Piggy are the first to settle on the Island and use the Conch to have the other survivors on the Island to come join them The rules of the conch shell is whoever holds the conch shell has the right and opportunity to speak The conch shell becomes very important to order civilization and avoid conflict Conflict is shown in civilization or savagery order or chaos and good or evil The use of a symbol such as the conch shell should be used to avoid conflict and a utopia but the savagery of a man is the main conflict getting in the way The conch shell is just more than a symbol to the boys it is the act of democratic power The shell starts off with so much power to the boys The conch shell is a creamy white White is light goodness purity and innocence White represents a successful future and a new beginning When the boys first got on the island they came across with innocence and a new successful beginning At first even Jack respects the conch he doesn't smash it into pieces he makes the choice of gently setting it down Jack might not like the rules but in a way he still regards the rules laid the conch with great care in the grass at his feet However the conch shell is fake even though the boys believe that the conch has so much power The conch is so powerful Lewis 2 because the rules they made can be so powerful if they all believe and follow those rules Ralph ends up realizing that without the shell things would fall apart If I blow the conch and they don't come back then we ve had it We shan t keep the fire going We ll be like animals We ll never be rescued Ralph realized that if he did not blow that conch at that time the power will still hold amongst them The boys start to fall apart because of the rebel Jack he knows the rules but does not always follow them In response to that the innocence is vanished when the boys end up killing simon because they believe he is the beast In response to that Ralph snatches the shell and feels guilty when talking about how they killed Simon Next the boys have taken charge and ignore Ralph when he tries to blow the conch at Jack's camp so Rodger chucks rocks at Ralph This is a example of good vs evil

Jack does not think the conch is as important as Ralph and Piggy thinks it is Jack is starting savagery anyways with his chants Kill the pig cut her throat Lord of The flies It shows how they rather act like savages and it seems like they don t care about being rescued Ralph tries to keep the group in order by using the conch but Jack always does what he wants like a savage The first time we noticed that the civilization in the group is fading away and more savagery is coming along was in chapter five Beast from Water The world that understandable and lawful world was slipping away The enemy and the most conflict is the savagery amongst them The conch shell shows innocence and order but however towards the end when the conch shell breaks and shatters with the fall of Piggy Which means the shell fades in color and power and the power is broken The conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist This is the beginning of a war between good vs evil This is the final of civilization they have now lost it Ralph s good friend Piggy is dead and Jack shouts to Ralph how he will get what happened to Piggy Jack realized that the shatter of the conch along with Piggy is a sign that he's the real chief now he is in total control and no one has power over him Jack does not feel sorry and Piggy's death shows the loss of innocence for Jack s group and himself Ralph wept for the end of innocence the darkness of man's heart and the fall through the air of a true wise friend called Piggy Lord of The Flies The white color disappeared and so the island s innocence scattered away the continuing of savagery the complete loss of civilization In conclusion The use of a symbol such as the conch shell should be used to avoid conflict and a utopia but the savagery of a man is the conflict getting in the way

With how much power the conch had innocence faded civilization ended and their death was amongst them The conch represent innocence on the island order and civilization but when the conch was shattered with the fall of Piggy every little innocence was destroyed The death of Simon Piggy and Jack wanting to be in total control was the end of their good and their civilization

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