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Throughout the world innovation and creativity will bring you success However innovation and creativity cannot be produced by oneself Innovation is the byproduct of competition When a company's success is threatened by another company they innovate to create new ways of success trying to reach their goal before the other company Creativity can be found within yourself but creativity can also be produced When you think with someone else's mind you can see new ways of completing or reaching a goal Collaboration and competition between different personalities and researchers push forward the production of a result and can create close bonds and friendships James D Watson the narrator and author of The Double Helix recounts stories of how collaboration competition creativity and innovation helped him his colleagues Crick Wilkins and Franklin reach the discovery of DNA Watson the narrator of the story is a young and brilliant scientist with an honest humorous and pragmatic personality Despite his many strengths he still has his own flaws He was youthful easily distracted and spent too much time taking breaks for tennis and coffee and thinking about ladies However his youthfulness and carefree personality was also a strength He excelled at social interactions easily making friends and having many people like him But when he had a task at hand he focused hard and pushed through to great success He experienced many failures but he was not disheartened Watson was never afraid of asking for help as he constantly went to his colleagues to ask for advice or for help on his latest discovery

Whenever he had a problem he needed help with he was brave and asked for help He did not cut corners and was very straight forward Crick Watson s main collaborator was a noisy boisterous and lively man with a booming personality His presence filled any room to the brim with a loud voice that echoed from every wall His mind was incredibly sharp and his mouth was rarely seen closed Although many people enjoyed Crick for his overzealous personality it was not appropriate for a scientist Crick was a genius but was not truly recognized for his brain his personality was often viewed as a distraction and many scientists generalized him as a hindrance He was competitive and his energetic personality pushed him to work even harder than anyone else in the times that counted If Crick could have been a little more contained with his personality he would ve had more opportunities Wilkins one of Watson s main inspirations was a rather introverted and reserved man He was kind gentlemanly and calm He always had his mind set on the end and did not let the road itself dishearten him He noted mistakes and errors in his research but did not fixate His partner Franklin was an extremely talented x ray crystallographer Wilkins and Franklin did not get along and they often argued but he did not get personal He never fired her as she was talented and of great use to the academic world Though many may have found him intimidating he was just a reserved person with a mind hard set on his goals Franklin Wilkins assistant and a talented crystallographer was absolutely brilliant and incredibly strong willed As the only female scientist she was often looked down upon by all the scientists around her They viewed her as unladylike rude and pompous However she was only trying to prove to the men around her that she was more than competent at her work and she was more than just a woman

Later in life when Franklin was coming close to death Watson started to understand more about her He realized how brilliant she was and how bad that he felt for shunting her aside despite her work pushing forward most of their research If Franklin would have been a man or the people in the academic world would have been more accepting she would have been seen as one of the greatest crystallographers Her work was superb Watson Crick Wilkins and Franklin all had very contrasting personalities Some of them gelled well while others did not However contrasting personalities is fantastic for researchers working together If everyone had the same thoughts and ideas research would be slow and uninspired When everyone has different ideas thoughts and opinions it sparks creativity in their minds Listening to other people s point of view allows you to see things in a new way thus you are to approach the task at hand in a new way Ingenuity brings success In conclusion contrasting personalities brings creativity and ingenuity to the table and creativity and ingenuity bring success Watson and his colleagues had incredibly different personalities which caused a few problems throughout the story However these same personalities helped Watson reach great success in his research Sometimes we have to be like Wilkins put aside petty emotions and work hard with the people around you even if your personalities clash

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