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Innovation has changed the way we interact and has provided us with new and inspiring breakthroughs on a global scale These innovations have changed our modern world significantly thanks to the Internet Growing up I was lucky to be surrounded by different electronic gadgets to play with Even though I didn t realize their importance I ve always wanted to learn more about how they work Finally in my senior year of high school I got that chance I took a digital electronics class learning and understanding various electronic circuits and components along with building them on Multisim and on a breadboard My inner curiosity to learn more about electronics kept increasing and has driven me to pursue it as a major which I look forward to learning more through various opportunities available in a university Coming out of high school I wanted to get out and explore by going to a large university However I realized with time and family guidance that I wasn't ready to take a huge leap of faith by going to a university and getting lost in large class sizes Instead I chose to go to Raritan Valley Community College RVCC a stepping stone in my adjustment process

This gave me a chance to build a foundation to tackle the challenges that a bigger university presents When my high school guidance counselor suggested that I apply to the Honors Program at RVCC I wasn't really sure and was quite hesitant Like many high school students I felt that community college is typically for the dropouts However my perception changed when my current advisor came to our high school and provided information about the honors program and then the success of the alumni Once in the Honors College I was thrilled by the numerous opportunities that were around The ideal environment of small class sizes where the learning process is approached in a progressive way classes with a welcoming atmosphere where every student s ideas are equally acknowledged and embraced The discussions had a greater emphasis on understanding the material than towards testing The personalized attention that I received spurred greater interest and created long lasting relationships with professors and peers Being in a setting with students who are equally motivated academically brought the best out of me Not being just another member part of a club pushed me towards gaining a leadership role and gave me the responsibility of mentoring other students to make a change The opportunity to tutor students not only encouraged a higher level thinking but also provided me with the chance to help them with the difficulties that I had once faced Having gained real world experience beyond classroom discussions in the form of independent research opened doors towards exploring an area at a much higher level As there was more room for failure it effectively increased chances of self critiquing my own work

The quality of education that I have received has guided me to find a purpose Now that I will be graduating with an Associates in Sciences I need to take the next step forward My time at RVCC makes my transition into a university easier to settle into an ideal environment where I can boost my confidence in the foundation that I have built so far My dream is to be a tech entrepreneur and build a startup that is focused on building wireless sensor networks with the intention of monitoring stress on bridges and other infrastructures as well as for continuous health monitoring to improve public safety from any bio agents or diseases These wireless sensor networks have various applications as well to further enhance our society Today there are many natural disasters such as forest fires bridges collapsing or any seismic events that cannot be easily prevented or predicted on a continuous basis To tackle this issue wireless sensor networks are necessary because these low cost devices can be installed anywhere and can be tracked remotely To implement this idea I need to gain knowledge of microsystems sensors etc as well as utilizing neural networking to allow the wireless sensors to adapt to changing environments These ideas cannot become a prototype or a startup without a supportive community which is why I'm excited to pursue Electrical Engineering I look forward to broadening my perspectives through various research opportunities Being a part of a diverse community at a much larger university will help me achieve that goal and will be the perfect environment to test out new ideas Although my time at RVCC is coming to an end I leave with fond memories It has given me time to discover my priorities and establish a definite interest in the field of electrical engineering I am now ready to find a new place where I can feel like I'm at home

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