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Inspiration is a term often used when some able bodied individual witnesses a person with a disability competing or participating in a challenging activity despite a physical impairment When a person witnesses another person with a disability doing something impressive they often think to themselves What's my excuse This is a phrase that often convoys what is designed as motivational images portraying these scenarios Some people may see disabilities as a weakness or limitation However there are others who see these disabilities not as a limitation but an opportunity A chance to strive for more and accomplish what many only can dream of My brother Tyler faced these challenges and overcame his disability When my parents had their first child the doctors showed them the sonogram and said he had both arms However when he was born with only one arm they were obviously a little surprised Yet that did not change anything My father told me We were perfectly fine he was healthy and that's the important part Plus you love your kids no matter what the obstacles As my brother grew up he had to find his own way doing what worked best for him For a while he tried using a prosthetic but he found that was something he did not like using So for most of his life he had to figure out how to do everything with just one hand While being very determined he never let anything stop him once he put his mind to it

At a young age he started playing sports he played football for two years tennis for 4 years soccer for 13 years and baseball for 15 years Despite having only one arm he had excelled at every sport he played He had numerous articles written about his sports career which were posted on The Pittsburgh Tribune Review He was especially good at baseball which was also the most challenging for him however he had amazing technique After he caught the ball Tyler would toss the ball up and drop the glove all in one motion After he caught the ball he threw it where it needed to be It was honestly really incredible the way he was able to come up with his own techniques that were suitable for him under his circumstances My mom told me When he was firstborn his life played through my mind wondering how he would be able to do things Then I found acceptance and had it set in my mind that he would be able to do anything he wanted to do maybe a little different from others but being determined he would never use that as an excuse to not succeed I always feel so proud watching him accomplish things that most people needed two hands to do I knew he had a disability but in my eyes he was perfect Despite being perfect in my parent s eyes he still faced discrimination as he was growing up For example during my brother s soccer games parents from opposing teams would get angry when he did throw ins Due to the fact you are supposed to use two hands to throw the ball in they would say he had an advantage using only one On numerous occasions the referee would side with the angry parents and say someone else had to take the throw in Also when Tyler went to take his driving test for his license the driving instructor would not take him for his test He had to first call someone who was higher up to give him the test because he was not sure if he was allowed or capable due to his disability 

A final example was when he applied for a job at UPS At UPS you are required to carry large and heavy boxes When he went for his interview they asked him if he was going to be capable of doing the job He replied with I would not be here if I did not think I was capable of it Many may find that their perception of people with disabilities is very different from what they imagined once they are exposed to real people living real lives As far as myself I have learned that a disability doesn t define you and it doesn t stop you from doing what you want My brother proved to not only me but everyone else too that even though he has a disability he is not different than any else We are all the same no matter what or who we are I've also learned that weakness is not always a negative you never know what someone is capable of Looking back it is really inspiring to me because he showed me not to think someone is incapable of doing something If you set your mind to it you re bound to achieve it A famous quote that really suits my brother is Life revolves around living not around a disability While never looking at his disability as a barrier stopping him from living his life the way he wanted he was able to achieve a lot throughout his life thus far It is important not to judge someone based on what you first see rather you should base it on what they are capable of People can and will surprise you sit back and get to know someone before you judge

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