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Instagram User Experience Analysis Instagram is visual storytelling application that allows people from all over the world to connect and share life s beautiful moments In 2016 Instagram dared to change their user interface completely The UI improvements enhanced the UX by making the users and their intentenitons the focus point The designers cleverly used the elements of value adaptability and desirability to get new users to start using Instagram while using the element of usability to get people to continue to use their product Value In today's globalized world people rely more and more on social media applications to communicate with other people Instagram s UI UX design successfully meets this need by providing a platform where users can post pictures videos share stories chat with followers find inspiration etc Also people need a platform to express themselves freely with creativity Instagram fulfills this need by showcasing the Profile Page like a grid Giving users a space to feel like photographers and document their life like a visual journal sets them apart from competitors like Snapchat Usability Instagram designers fused art with psychology to create an ease of access UX The app is easy to become familiar with during the first contact 

The simplicity of Instagram s UI guides the user directly to the primary focus of their app user posted pictures and videos It doesn't overload the user with unnecessary information since humans cannot pay attention to many things at the same time Also this creates balanced and visually appealing UI where users can achieve their goal easily The color palette choice reinforces this goal by using only a scale of white tones and only using color on certain buttons The main buttons Home Explore Notification and Profile are self explanatory and conveniently placed towards the bottom of the phone The Camera and Chat can be accessed with the top navigation Button on top right left corner and using the swiping features The swiping features add a new level of interactivity It is more convenient for the user to swipe than to reach the buttons on the upper corners However it could be argued that this feature is not very intuitive According to a survey made by freecodecamp org only 3 out of 40 people interviewed knew the association between the top navigation and swiping features A good user experience is characterized by being pleasant and instinctive so users don't have to use too much cognitive effort to navigate the app Instagram design page everything is capturable at a glance When the user enters the app the first thing they see is the Home Page There they are faced with the decision of watching the Stories or the Feed The Stories appear towards the top of the phone and disappear if the user scrolls down to see the Feed This creates extra space and allows the user to focus on one thing at a time As reported by to Bloomberg Instagram credits their growth in engagement to the Stories features

However according to freecodecamp org only 42 5 of users use Stories because they spent too much time scrolling until they find the content from their favorite accounts Also this survey also reported that only 57 5 of the same people interviewed don t know how to post to their story This is because the button to access the Stories is towards the top left corner Freecodecamp research suggests that the most accessible place include the Stories features would be towards the bottom of the phone Users can stay updated with their interests by going to the Explore Page where they can discover posts according to what they like from popular accounts or accounts similar to theirs This UI feature is not available on other popular social media apps like Facebook Twitter or Snapchat Adoptability Instagram can be easily found and quickly installed Users can quickly create their account and start using the app After signing up the app teaches users as they go allowing them to play with the interface by themselves On boarding short and effective pop ups appear where the user clicks to provide information about the features New users can intuitively use the app without the need for major documentation This freedom produces a more enjoyable experience In addition to the on boarding prompts the app provides a Learn More option for users that want more information Desirability

Desirability is the UX element that leaves a lasting mark on the user and sets the product apart among other similar products Users need to like the way it looks and more importantly how it feels to create a connection with the product It would seem that in social networks desirability may overshadow other UX elements like usability Sometimes users can feel overwhelmed by a vast array of features This is the case of Facebook But that doesn t stop users from using the app The fun experience of connecting with their friends surpasses the feeling of confusion that the UI may generate Instagram s minimalistic UI contributes to the desirability of this social network The main reason people use the Instagram is to view pictures update their profile and pass the time According to Bloomberg Instagram says that teens spend an average of 32 minutes a day on the photo sharing app This supports the idea that focusing on the user goals creates a fun and engaging experience

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