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The objectives of the report are to raise the profile on insurance fraud as a crime detect and prevent insurance fraud make full and adequate disclosure of facts to the general public In order to accomplish this the writer will look to insurers to ensure they have developed close associations with the law informant services and the general public Literature Review Lisa Newman Davies an employee of Howell Solicitors wrote an article titled Crash for Cash Victim What do I do now In this article Lisa Newman Davies confirms Crash for Cash costs UK drivers millions of pounds per year A lot is being done to tackle this fraud In December 2015 more than 80 people were convicted of participating in one of the largest crash for cash accidents in UK history A Welsh garage had accumulated almost 800 000 pounds over 4 years by purposely crashing cars in a bid to claim for damages It was only when CCTV footage was viewed that the criminals were caught out Newman Davies 2018 The article provides readers with commons signs they should look out for if they feel they have been the victim of a crash for cash accident The driver of the vehicle is very calm and collected after the accident The other driver has their insurance details such as name of insurer policy number and contact details already written out

The other driver claims to have sustained injuries that do not match up with the impact and mechanics of the accident It is also important for road users to note down the weather and road conditions whilst taking plenty of pictures at the scene Victims should also be aware they can contact the police and let them know of their concerns and most importantly let the other driver know of your concerns and never admit liability The Insurance Fraud Bureau has compiled a report for Crash for Cash this is a report available to the public which aims to educate and arm the public with knowledge about this criminality Insurance Fraud Bureua 2018 David Neave Chairman of the IFB confirms most people have the misconception that crash for cash is a victimless crime and that fraudulent claims only affects corporate companies However this is incorrect as all innocent policy holders pay for this via increased insurance premiums The type of fraud we are focusing on is risky to the general public as innocent road users are targeted on roads by fraudsters who crave financial gain This deliberate act risks the lives of innocent people Neave d 2018 ABI In an ITV report dated 28 02 2017 an innocent pensioner Betty Laird aged 88 was a passenger in a Renault Kangoo when scammers collided with the car at high speed in Leeds West Yorkshire Betty Liard sadly died of spinal injuries The driver Geoff Grimshaw aged 77 a close friend of Betty s fell ill a couple of days after the accident and died shortly 

The four men responsible for the crash were sentenced to a total of more than 37 years in prison for their role in the crash for cash plot ITV News 2018 Sergeant Carl Quinn of West Yorkshire police major collision Enquiry team confirmed the men involved set out to deliberately cause the crash for the sole purpose of financial gain from a bogus insurance claim Their reckless and selfish actions cost Betty Lair her life and have left her family devastated The selfish actions of these men demonstrate how innocent lives are being put at risk by those who cause accidents motivated by greed of money As David Neave advised Crash for Cash is not a victimless crime Innocent lives are put at risk every day neave 2018 Abi org uk 2018 In a report dated 07 07 2017 The Association of British Insurers ABI advise organized crimes such as crash for cash have come down as the insurance industry turns up the heat on these criminal gangs Abi org uk 2018 In the report Ben Fletcher the director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau confirms Fraud is detrimental in several ways including the real and current physical risk faced everyday by innocent road users together with the financial impact on individuals and the insurance industry These reductions show the general trend that has been seen in organised motor fraud scams and is a welcomed evidence that the insurance industry efforts to tackle fraud are coming into fruition year to year The reality however is that 1 3 billion of fraud is very high therefore the insurance industry and the government will need to continue working on ways to eradicate the level of fraud even further FLETCHER 2018 The head of City London Police Insurance Fraud Enforcement department confirms that fruitful and strong relationships between the IFED and the Insurance Fraud Bureau can be seen by the figures

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