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Statement of purpose We are the most intellectual individual on a most favorable planet which we called Earth From the dawn of the civilization scientists are desperately trying to decipher the hidden mystery of the earth It seems typical when an ordinary person get amazed by the beauty and grandiosity of a mountain range but with a curious mind one has to suddenly stop and thinking how it occurs I start thinking with a curious mind when I was traveling with my father one of hilly district in our country at my childhood It was my turning point to make a decision what I aim for to become an earth scientist I realize there is immense scope to do research in Earth Science to pursue my career in it I aim for research to learn to create the future of mine and to contribute to the collective knowledge of the earth Geology is the mother subject to study earth and its history My fascination stirs up with the opportunity of getting admitted at University of Dhaka one of top notch institution for studying Earth science in Bangladesh I soon realized that studying Geology gives me immense eternal joy and satisfaction 

During all of my academic years at the University of Dhaka I have always tried to build a solid ground on Geology through formal courses and research opportunities My fascination in this subject reached to a new height when I got an opportunity to serve as a research assistant at Dhaka University Earth Observatory DUEO which is a joint collaboration with Columbia University NY USA It is a rare incident to involve with scientific research team at a very early stage of academic life It introduced me with the systematic geological field investigation and allowed me to learn how to be a good researcher I have achieved Bachelor of Science BS and Master of Science MS with a major in Geology respectively from University of Dhaka Since I'm interested in sedimentation and tectonics I have worked hard to gain deep understanding of the subject matter and tried to maintain good grades Besides I have taken some fundamental courses of Physics Chemistry Mathematics and one Computer course which helped me much to broaden my knowledge in my subject area and have prepared me for an interdisciplinary field like earth science I also learned ArcGIS and ERDAS software s with my own interest During my Master's research I took Earthquake Hazard probability and its mitigation proposal in our country under the supervision and guidance from Professor Dr Syed Humayun Akhter This helped me a lot to better understand the tectonic set up of our country 

During my academic period I had participated in many seminars where I had learned many practical things about Earth Science that inspired me to work on research field in my country Besides the academic activities I actively engaged in some professional organizations which helped me to develop my personality improve my presentation skills as well as leadership and managerial skills In this regard I was the president 2015 2016 of University of Dhaka Geophysical Society UDGS which is one of Student Chapter of Society of Exploration Geophycists SEG I was involved to make sure to arrange monthly SEG chapter meeting and give oral presentations as well as to formulate agenda for future activities I am also volunteering our SEG chapter among students in different schools and colleges to increase the curiosity of Geophysical learning when they enter university level During my presidency I have successfully arranged annual Lecture program of SEG 2015 South and East Asia Honorary Lecture by Dr Naide Pan PGS China I m also a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist AAPG In addition to research I have experience working as an educator which helped me to realize the importance of spreading knowledge to others I enjoyed teaching and interacting with my students 

That experience definitely increased my motivation to be engaged as an educator and my desire to participate directly communicating science to others Now I envision myself to be an independent researcher and lead a career as a faculty at the university in my country As I am looking for pursuing my MS degree and a research work related to Hydrology the researches run by the Department of Hydrology especially irrigation system in the arid land studying the effect of flash flood in urban areas attract me a lot Moreover after careful examination at departmental website of Hydrology King Abdul Aziz University I have become impressed by the research interest conducted in the field of Rainfall Runoff Modeling and Analysis Applications of GIS in Hydrology by Prof Dr Abdullah S Al Wagdaniy which helped me a lot to decide about my graduate admission application here Now I am very much keen to pursue my MS degree at the department of Hydrology at King Abdul Aziz University as it offers a diverse range of course as well as research facilities After completing my Master s program I would like to continue my research on this relevant field further With my solid background on Geology and strong zeal towards the earth science I m very much confident to do well into this discipline Drawing on my academic background and research experience I believe I could make a successful MS student here at King Abdul Aziz University Also I understand that KAU University would provide me the launching pad for a career in academia or a respected research laboratory I am conscious about the perseverance and hard work necessary for research work However I have confidence on my aptitude and enthusiasm which are capable of taking on the challenges I may face down the road ahead Towfique Ataur towfique 89 du gmail com

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