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The Internet has a continues influence on the formation and development of the global information community And with the development the approaches of managing business and marketing changes The Internet become a part of our daily life and it is a brilliant place for realization of creative ideas It is necessary to emphasize that the Internet is not the only marketing tool but also the biggest marketing channel The result of recent studies shows that the use of Internet technologies in marketing can bring a real profit to the economy This is due to the great benefits that are received by both consumers and business firms 1 1 Background of the Study Since the middle of 1990s the activity in online trading started to grow Following the large companies manufacturing business equipment traders began to enter an online network with traditional goods Nowadays any goods and services can be bought through the Internet The era of electronic commerce has come and take place in our everyday life E commerce is the process of earning money and generating profit by using the internet technologies Selecting of products is carried out through computer networks and payments between the customers and suppliers are implemented through use of electronic transactions and electronic documents Electronic commerce combine many different technologies such as EDI Electronic Data Interchange e mail intranet and extranet 

According to this electronic commerce can be characterized as conducting business through the Internet In the beginning the internet was not originate for commercial purposes therefore advertising not appeared immediately Advertisement became popular with the rise of Web sites Concentration of internet enterprises and conducting commercial activities developed an electronic advertising Significant part of potential buyers receives information about products on the Internet and their share is constantly growing Today Internet marketing is a main part of e commerce The main task of internet marketing is the process of attracting potential buyers and their attention to a brand or product through social platforms The goal is to create content that people will distribute through social media without the participation of the content provider Internet advertising helps to market products and services through interactive and colorful catalogs and provides audience with current and available information It also allows them to make both local and international purchases 

Today there are numerous websites designed to promote sales and to maintain relationships with customers As opposed to other media tools a company website can provide more comprehensive information on the product line and can turn directly to the target audience Internet advertising is significant discovery of mankind Internet advertising promises to be the most popular and effective way to alert people about brand goods or services Internet advertising winning in a competition with TV and radio advertising and the amount of money invest in it is increasing every day Online advertising provides market products and services through colourful and interactive information A company website can provide comprehensive information on the product line and can directly turn to the target audience Today there are significant amount of studies connected to internet marketing and its importance for individuals and business firms 1 2 Overview to online streaming Gaming platform and Live broadcast as an advertising tool Recent development shows that over the next five years video advertising will displace traditional digital formats The reason is increased consumption of video content and emerge of new platforms Today users watch everything online news sports and concerts There is not much attention paid for online streaming broadcasting from major brands and advertising industries but the potential growth is visible Promotion of live broadcasts almost does not differ from the promotion of regular videos use of the same platforms sites social networks and the same target audience country city region gender age interests are available

One of the difficulties is timing Some examples shows that the streaming should always start on time to reach the biggest amount of viewers Live broadcasts one of the most popular formats for promotion in social networks It is a well known fact that streamers cooperate with the brands and advertising agencies to promote their products and services Selling virtual goods has become a major new revenue model for consumer oriented online services social networking sites massively multiplayer online games MMOs and virtual worlds in particular The most popular platforms for live broadcast are Facebook Instagram and Periscope But I would like to pay more attention for gaming platform particularly Twitch tv There are streaming platforms that allow any person to create their own channel and start broadcasting streams The most popular playground is Twitch tv however after its stunning success a lot of other resources began to appear For example YouTube recently launched the functions of online broadcasts Services that appeared even earlier than Twitch Dailymotion Hitbox were also activated So who are the streamers Streamers are people who show online what they do on their computer 99 of this content is the passing of games Other people can also monitor the actions of the streamer in online regime comment to the general chat and send them money

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