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Corrie I too have always been intrigued with the notion of genetic therapy genetic modification or what they call genetic engineering Basically a technique used by geneticists utilizing processes to alter an organism's genetic DNA blueprint to create different variations The potential for applying this knowledge and information for healing damaged tissue and curing acquired and genetic diseases are daunting As you pointed out the use of this is currently limited due to ethical concerns costly experiments and government approval With further investigation into the topic of genetic engineering the term dual use research of concern DURC continued to surface Kuhlau Hoglund Evers Eriksson 2011 defined this as life science research intended to benefit with the potential to do harm if misapplied This comes down to genetic engineering being used to do good such as cure and heal or misused to harm as in bioterrorism or weapons of mass destruction It had honestly never dawned on me what far reaching effects intentional or accidental use of DURC could pose on public health national security and the world s ecosystems 

A plethora of concerns have surfaced from the use of genetic engineering research regarding the ethical and social responsibility imparted to those accountable for conducting this type of research Whether it be to solve world hunger with GMO food production stem cell transposition to cure immune disorders the promise of physical immortality saving energy by lighting streets with glowing plants altering viruses for immunity it appears the possibilities are endless but not without fail safe risks Kuhlau Hoglund Evers Eriksson 2011 speak of the ethical duty in research to prevent harm much like the nurses code of ethics and moral responsibility to protect the patient's safety The main topics of national and international concerns to prevent harm of DURC research getting into bioterrorists hands focused on protective and preventive efforts Two interrelated measures implemented were biosafety and biosecurity Biosafety referred to following safety protocols to protect personnel from exposure to pathogens as well as to prevent accidental release and biosecurity in preventing unauthorized access loss or theft p 479 Additionally bioethics interweaves with biosafety and biosecurity issues by developing and implementing codes to enhance scientists cognizance and obligation for possible exploitation of research works 

Security concerns were also noted to be at stake bringing up the issue of professional obligation with respect to state military or terrorist misuse of research findings has not extensively been developed within the life science community The same holds for contemporary literature in biomedical research ethics where dual use security implications are relatively rarely discussed Obligations emerging for life scientists are based on the ethical principle to prevent harm Scientists therefore have a basic responsibility to consider potentially harmful implications of their work To take due care implies that sufficient and appropriate care to avoid causing harm is taken as the circumstances demand of a reasonable party Appropriate care includes components of knowledge and diligence in circumstances demanding a certain standard of behavior and failure to make the effort can be considered negligence p 480 The authors suggest five criteria delineating how researchers can detect harm within researchers morally responsibility burden These are within their professional responsibility within their professional capability and ability reasonably foreseeable proportionally greater than benefits and no more easily achieved by other means In order to address the legal obligation to prevent harm several ethical obligations were proposed the duty to prevent bioterrorism the duty to engage in response activities the duty not to publish or share sensitive information the duty to oversee and limit access to dangerous material and the duty to report activities of concern As one can see DURC s are complex and merits a protective code upholding the ethical legal and social responsibilities as a fundamental foundation for conducting research 

This was merely a brief synopsis taking a glimpse at DURC arising from the work domain of the life scientist Although on a completely different continuum within distinct contexts many of the ethical legal and social responsibilities of the life scientist conducting vital research mirror the nurse managing and safeguarding patients cares As nursing has its own Code of Ethics delineating basic principles for practice guidance it should behoove the scientific research community to adopt appropriate codes to empower life scientists to be diligent with due care As nurses we continue to witness revisions in the Code of Ethics and recognize this as an ongoing responsibility in maintaining up to date codes with EBP and evolving challenges relevant to the realm of nursing care References Kuhlau F Hoglund A T Evers K Eriksson S 2011 January 1 A precautionary principle for dual use research in the life sciences Bioethics 25 1 1 8 http dx doi org 10 1111 j 1467 8519 2009 01740 x Genetic Engineering def 1 n d In Merriam Webster Online Retrieved January 13 2018 from http www merriam webster com dictionary genetic 20engineering

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