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It can be concluded from the study that faces of job satisfaction such intrinsic and extrinsic reward working conditions relationship with supervisor and nature of the work meaningfully affect the level of job satisfaction or job performance Alamdar Hussain Khan 2012 It is suggested that the dimensions Promotion and Nature of Work are the prominent for the job performance level of the employees Alamdar Hussain Khan 2014 In the same way workplace environment is also a key factor to retain employees one study proved that a good and healthy work environment will motivate the employees to stay stable at their positions and absenteeism rate will decline and due to this less employee turnover intentions will held Muhammad Imran Qureshi 2014 There can be many challenges for the companies but one and main important challenge for company internally is to satisfy employees by working condition Because company totally depends upon its clients and employees 

Which employees take them to success or failure and hold the company in competition with its competitors By providing workers employees best or acceptable physical working condition efficiency effectiveness and performance can be increased Raziq 2015 Workplace mindfulness is positively related to job performance which is negatively related to turnover intention Dane 2014 One study on Nurses was conducted and it was suggested that poor working condition increase the turnover intention for them Almalki 2012

One study in Chinese hospital was conducted on nurses which suggested that nurses poor working condition more likely or have more intention to leave the organization Zhang 2014 One study said that working condition has no effect on turnover intention rather than organizational justice has positive effect on turnover intention Owolabi 2012 A research on school teacher conclude that teacher turnover intention is more one reason is that low level of income and other reason is that work environment in school in which low income and minority students are most likely to be assigned Both reason cause the turnover intentions in teacher Through which teacher are not satisfied and more likely job performance is not good Johnson 2012 One study talk about the financial outcomes due to working condition It says that working condition has no minimal effect on Organizational financial outcomes Financial outcomes are not related to organizational outcomes but due to financial stability firms take advantage of better working condition Yesil 437 There was main and important study on physical working condition and the factor was light Hawthorne theory of light is very famous theory which was conducted in 1920 by two people They conducted this experiment on industrial level

They took employee in the light area and some in controlled area and where they controlled the light and see effect of light on productivity of employees But they see that there is no effect of physical working condition on employee productivity They also change the shift of the employees and change their time and rest hours but they didn t saw the major findings They saw that it has no effect on productivity and employee productivity increased due to changing in schedules So in some case studies it shows that it has no effect of working condition on the performance and which will not affect the turnover intention of the employees Job performance depends upon many factors but according to some research the researcher is saying that job performance has three factors skill effort and nature of working condition Its art of working various jobs when employee complete their tasks it tells that it s for failure or success It s the art that employee are satisfied or not through work space which results in success or failure Job performance is the result of factors skill effort and the nature of Work conditions Working environment has a positive impact on the Job satisfaction of employees Bad working conditions effect the organization so it is compulsory for the businesses to realize the importance of good working environment If we take working environment more seriously within their organizations to increase the job performance and commitment level of their employees and decrease the turnover intention

This way their work force can achieve better results Organization should give employee relax environment and safe atmosphere by which job performance can be increased Benefits of providing a good working environment to the employees rather it is subordinates or upper hierarchy have excellent for both the organizations and their employees Working hours in which employee feel free to work and they will be loyal to organization and turnover over will decrease Raziqa 2014 Study says that workforce environment will lead increase of Job performance HAMID 2015 Employers specifically should ensure they have provided the appropriate means of good and pleasant workplace environment to employees to allow them retain required level of job performance for the benefit of the organization HAMID 2015 Every organization faces turnover of employees some of them leaves the organization by their own Through this organization bear huge cost in term of recruitment selection and training Every organization want to deduce the turnover rate but they cannot reduce it to 0 Zero percent High Turnover rates are not good for the productivity of organization To cope up or minimize this situation the organizations try to retain their employees and save their cost they provide good working condition in which they like to work

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