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Kaplan University LS 185 Intro of American Jurisprudence Brittney Miller LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF Brittney Miller I brittney miller of charles city Iowa withdraw my former Wills and Additions and announce this to be my Last Will and Testament ARTICLE I IDENTIFICATION OF FAMILY I am married to e and all references in this Will to my spouse are references to The names of my children are All references in this Will to my children are references to the above named children ARTICLE II PAYMENT OF DEBTS AND EXPENSES I direct that my just debts funeral expenses and expenses of last illness be first paid from my estate ARTICLE III DISPOSITION OF PROPERTY Residuary Estate I exact that my residuary estate be distributed to my spouse If my spouse does not out live me my residuary estate shall be dispersed to my children in equal shares If a child of mine does not out live me such deceased child s share shall be distributed in equal shares to the children of such deceased child who out live me by right of representation If a child of mine does not out live me and has no children who out live me such deceased child s share shall be distributed in equal shares to my other children if any or to their own children by right of representation If no child of mine out lives me and if none of my deceased children are out lived by children my residuary estate shall be dispersed to my heirs at law their identities and respective shares to be determined under the laws of the State of Iowa then in effect as if I had died unheard at the time fixed for distribution under this establishment ARTICLE IV NOMINATION OF INDEPENDENT EXECUTOR I nominate of Charles City Iowa as my Independent Executor to serve without bond surety or other security If such person or entity does not serve for any reason I propose of Charles City Iowa to serve as my Independent Executor to serve without bond surety or other security 

ARTICLE V EXECUTOR POWERS A Power to Administer Estate My Independent Executor with respect to my estate in addition to other powers and authority granted by law or necessary or suitable for proper administration shall have the following rights powers and authority without order of court and without notice to anyone to detect gather value secure accomplish and distribute assets to uphold records to settle and wind up business affairs to pay just debts to file essential tax returns to redirect mail to cancel services to create trusts and to carry out my wishes as set forth in this Will B Independent Administration My Independent Executor shall have the right to administer my estate using informal unsupervised or independent confirmation or equivalent legislation designed to operate without unnecessary involvement by the probate court ARTICLE VI SPECIAL DIRECTIVES I hereby state that in accumulation to the orders and inheritances as set forth in this Will it is my wish and request to contain the following special commands and last wishes With the outstanding funds from my life insurance policy I would like my remainders to be cremated ARTICLE VII MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Paragraph Titles and Gender The headings given to the sections of this Will are implanted for reference determinations only and are not to be measured as forming a part of this Will in construing its requirements

 All words used in this Will in any sexual category shall extend to and include all genders and any remarkable arguments shall consist of the plural expression precisely counting child and children when the background or facts so need and any pronouns will be taken to mention to the individual or individuals planned nevertheless of gender or number B Beneficiary Disputes If any inheritance necessitates that the bequest be dispersed amongst or among two or more recipients the exact items of assets containing the particular shares shall be determined by such heirs if they can reach agreement and if not by my Independent Executor IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have pledged my name below this _____ day of _____________________ _______ Testator Signature ___________________________________ Brittney Miller We the undersigned hereby confirm that the above instrument which contains of _____ pages as well as the page s which cover the witness signatures was engaged in our sight and attendance by Brittney Miller the Testator who acknowledged this instrument to be his her Last Will and Testament and we at the Testator s demand and in the Testator s vision and appearance and in the eyesight and company of each other do hereby contribute our names as witnesses on the date shown above Witness Signature ___________________________________ Name Phone Number Email Signature ___________________________________ Name

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