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Chinese Indian movie released in Malaysia and Singapore on 27 January 2017 The director is Stanley Tong and starring Jackie Chan It sold in Asia India Hong Kong Macau Singapore South Korea Indonesia and many countries This film was earned 1 85 million during its weekend debut of 28 January 2017 the days after the film release Jackie Chan is one of the rare action movie stars to grapple and sometimes successfully adjust to his old age to able to fight and dance in the film Kung Fu Yoga doesn't feel like a young man s film Normally at this age of Jackie Chan there won't be any celebration try to film the movie 2 0 Story Movie Jack is professor of archaeology at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi'an After that he meets a young Indian lady names Disha Patani who play as a professor Ashmita from National Museum Institute and their teams up to find the treasure Rajasthan locate a India s lost Magadha treasure in Tibet Next their team fined the treasure underneath a frozen lake using modern technology However they are interrupted by a group of mercenaries lead by Randall who steal the treasure and leave Jack s and Ashmita s teams die in there 

Furthermore a man names Jones who is more a treasure hunter than an archaeologist smuggles away with a diamond artifact and a member of Jack s Thank to Jones Jack s and Ashmita s team manages to escape from the underground icy cavern through an opening Two weeks later Their found 212 carat diamond artifact pops up in Dubai at the black market for auctions To save Jack jobs he attempts to take back the artifact with the help of a high speed car chase through heavy traffic in Dubai In the ensuing chase Ashmita snatches it from them Ashmita explains the diamond artifact is known as the Eye of Shiva in their family chronicles and it is the key to immense treasure hidden somewhere She asks Jack to help her find the real treasure and protect it from wrong hands They find the diamond artifact is a part of a scepter that opens a map room built using vastu shastra and astronomical positions of that period in a closed part of a scared temple Randall kidnaps Jack and Ashmita demands to find the treasure for him because it belonged to his family They all together find the map room which happens to be a puzzle room where a wrong move can cost lives

When they reach to an underground Shiva temple made out gold that is nearby a secluded waterfall Reaching there Randall s group begins to extract gems and diamonds from the temple decorations and searches for the treasure but to his despair they find the treasure that the legend says is ancient knowledge about medicine of Buddhism mechanical structures and many more However Randall tries to destroy everything but Jack Ashmita and their team start a fight to stop them Jack fights using yoga and kung Fu to beats Randall and convinces him the significant importance of this finding Meanwhile a group of Sannyasis comes down through from above ground and by seeing the magnificence of the deity in underground temple they start to sing and dance in joy The groups that were fighting but as soon as their realizing their pettiness their stop fighting and happily join with the joyous expression 2 1 Movie Review According to me the director of the film Stanley Tong begins the screenplay so suddenly that the first 15 minutes are too reserved for the introduction of a dozen of Emperors Senapatis and all that Furthermore according to me this movie were too short it only 1 hour and 30 minutes which is at least one hour short film began abrupt and even the ending of the film does not hold good for such a multi nation starrer movie Jackie Chan the international Kung Fu star doesn't hold good for the film fighting scenes 

The action scenes were to be inspired from the ones seen in Bahubali The Beginning The director should make the film longer to explain the storyline than can make sure the audience can fully understand the movie 2 2 Cast Jack play as a well respected university professor who specializes in Chinese and Indian history Yixing Zhang who play as Zhu the assistants and Miya Muqi play as Nuomin In my opinion Jack and the other was acted good in the film But the truth is the movie was so bad because of Sonu Sood and Disha Patani the reason is between Sood s dated dialogue and constipated look and Patani's cringeworthy English enunciation they did no favours to Indian talent even Jackie Chan looked like a better dancer than them But the acting by these two can be rated as some of the worst even the extras in Kabali did a better job 2 3 Conclusion In my opinion Kung Fu Yoga has a plot that is completely yawn worthy but there still have some of the actions sequences are shot well and the bad is the tepid plots are laden with Indian clichés The director should made this film more adventure for the hunting the treasure so there will be more fighting scenes and in the end Randall should be defeated and regret for take away the gold from the temple Also this film didn't show the Yoga was their only ample of Kung Fu only and the ending should not be dancing and singing because the audience can t understand by watching the first time So far there is nothing interesting to watch Kung Fu Yoga it's completely avoidable for a theater watch and I will not recommend this movie to anyone

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