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Metals play a vital role in the development of plants

Metals play a vital role in the development of plants. Other than the essential nutrients plants required a trace amount of metal ions for their proper growth and in performing a various function which occurs in the cell. Metals are essential for plant growth. Plants required a large number of metals as fundamental micronutrients for the normal growth and development of plants. These metals are also involved in various oxidation and reduction reactions, development signal transduction which is in turn essential to many cellular functions of plants. Iron copper-zinc and some other transition metals are essential nutrients for plants Frausto da Silva and Williams 2001 Clemens et al 2002 Morrissey and Guerinot 2009 Pilon 2011. Metal elements should be transported from the soil into the root after that distributed throughout the plants crossing both the cellular and organelles layer. Trace amount of metal particles are present in soil. Plants must utilize an efficient mechanism to aggregate these particles. Deficiency of the metals results in the low nutrient crop productivity and decrease the stress tolerance Akkermans et al 2016. It is considered that 33 of the proteins of a typical cell are metalloprotein Finkelstein 2009. Inside a cell metal, ions are transported by diffusion and various ion channels with the support of the different techniques, like transporter identification by comparing the sequence.

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