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Is 1984 Actually Already Happening or Can Happen It appears that the police now have a device that can read license plates and check if a car is unregistered uninsured or stolen We already know that the National Security Agency can dip into your Facebook page and Google searches And it seems that almost every store we go into these days wants your home phone number and ZIP code as part of any transaction So when Edward Snowden now cooling his heels in Russia revealed the extent to which the NSA is spying on Americans collecting data on phone calls we make it s not as if we should have been surprised We live in a world that George Orwell predicted in 1984 And that realization has caused sales of the 1949 dystopian novel to spike dramatically upward recently a 9 000 increase at one point on Amazon com Lewis Beale 1 The government watches us through social media and they screen what we can watch on TV some places even block porn on the Internet Eastasia is like the beef we have with North Korea and Eurasia is like our on and off relationship with Russia Think about the Cold War and how we got past that then Trump twitter beefing with Vladmir Putin It is a warfare of limited aims between combatants who are unable to destroy one another have no material cause for fighting and are not divided by any genuine ideological difference Orwell 203 

This can be compared to America s stronghold in the middle east that President Bush started way back when We still have troops there for no reason at all supposedly we re training Iraqi troops but damn it take this long Not to mention our war on terror which like the Oceania society has no end in sight and no clear battleground The Proles the lower class people who make up the majority of Oceania s population are largely ignored by the government They don t face the same kind of indoctrination that the Inner and Outer Party members do and for the most part they re kept under control by rumors spread by the Thought Police and easy access to various vices Keri Blakinger 2 A lot of cities ignore homeless people and in certain areas it s illegal to be homeless People look past homeless people when they drive past them in their fancy brand new Rolls Royce not feeling sorry for them but disgust Mrs Parson from the novel even compared proles to dogs It was to see a mob of two or three hundred women crowding around the stalls of a street market with faces as tragic as though they had been the doomed passengers on a sinking ship But at this moment the general despair broke down into a multitude of individual quarrels It appeared that one of the stalls had been selling saucepans Orwell 78 On black Friday mobs of people wait outside stores to buy things and get low prices on things they couldn t afford earlier in the year or they waited for Black friday is very hectic people clamour to get what they came for fights are even prone to happening

And it s mostly poor or middle class people rich people don t have to clamour for low prices they buy expensive things on the regular Here s a simple test for detecting whether you are living in George Orwell s 1984 If you feel free to tell everyone you re living in 1984 you aren t Here s the thing about totalitarianism though It s a complete system Totalitarianism brooks no escape from its ruthless imperatives If Big Brother were actually sitting in the Oval Office he wouldn t be whining on Twitter that Meryl Streep is overrated He d just have her disappeared Trying to draw people s attention to alternative facts putting your administration s spin on things is the normal order of business for political regimes And political figures routinely wind up lying in the process of defending themselves Kyle Smith 3 Although we do have more freedom than in the book how much of this freedom is actually ours We re free to think freely but there are certain things you can t say If you type something in Google not government approved they red flag it and block your computer or laptop Not to mention what most people think is what they re taught so that s at least brainwashing which is how you start the slow but surely transition into the 1984 world Instead the situation today is the reverse

We mock the administration and the administration is afraid of what we think of it After Melissa McCarthy lampooned White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live administration sources told Politico that the president s feelings were hurt particularly because Spicer appeared extra ridiculous by being portrayed by a woman in drag Trump doesn t like his people to look weak a major Trump donor told the site Kyle Smith 3 What makes the government scared of us that we can mock them The freedom of speech that is in the Constitution can so easily be overridden all it takes is congress passing the law the people would have no say so Then how much closer will we be to 1984 People need to prepare Nuclear War with North Korea is almost imminent pretty soon World War 3 will happen Us being american will make things worse because people will voice their opinion until the government says fuck that Then they change all the things that make us Americans bye to home of the free and land of the brave It ll be home of the weak and land of the enslaved

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