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Is 2018 the year we put the man into FeMANism The ramifications of the Harvey Weinstein disclosures have rippled through society at every level leaving everyone from the office sleaze to the winking milkman quaking in their boots The burning question is where to draw the line When does flirting become intimidating and should all banter be banned Can you tell a colleague she looks nice or are compliments now too complicated to navigate The answer we think is pretty straight forward For those of us who are neither narcistic sociopath Asperger s nor sex pest it s plain to read We are after all hard wired to read each other and communication is widely believed to be 93 per cent non verbal which means that our signals shout louder than our words And most of the time it works just fine Sexual submission in return for a star role is so common that the phrase casting couch is ubiquitous in its understanding That s sad What s sadder is that Hollywood doesn t hold the monopoly on either carnal or mental bullying The culture of blokey nudge nudge wink wink goes way beyond the locker room with such rampant online presence in 2018 that most children under ten have viewed porn It s rife And damaging Parents complain of concerns that their sons are pressured into thinking they have to perform like some kind of Duracell charged alpha male action man machine and that girls are stereotyped into either submissive providers of pleasure or dominatrix divas This is not real It s not true and it s not fair 

To men But guys it s your turn to speak up Look around A best guess would be that 90 per cent of you are good guys wanting pretty much the same things in life a loving relationship nice home couple of kids rewarding job decent food and hooch and couple of holidays a year While women remain massively underrepresented both in parliament and the board room and the gender pay gap is still an even a topic the girl effect is on the up On the intelligence front university statistics tell a story of their own a report in The Guardian last year detailed the gap between the sexes at a record 9 2 per cent meaning women are now 35 per cent more likely to go to university than men If you re smiling at the skewed dating odds for your randy son you ve got it so wrong Problems arise more often than not when there s a blur Online dating has gone some way to level the field where anyone whatever you are SLGBTIQA can find your match without fear of ridicule or remorse If all these assemblies are capable of communicating on a level playing field there s no reason whatsoever why the 2018 man shouldn t get in touch with his feminine side And you do have a feminine side guys It s biological Women around the world are celebrating their left brain development popularly thought of as the male side just look at this century s engineering statistics Researchers have long believed that male and female brains are different Before you scoff picture your stereotypical image of the opposite sex then read on Most people have bridge brains and function equally well using both sides of the brain Females have more blood flow to the right side of the brain increasing cortical activity hence the term female brain Males have more blood flow to the left side hence the designation male brain 

The left side of the brain processes in a linear manner from part to whole It takes pieces of information lines them up and presents them in a logical linear order Conversely the right side of the brain processes from whole to parts seeing the whole picture first not the details So where are we going with this A good dollop of common sense should dictate our behaviour Guys now is your time to shine Meet the girls half way Use your brain Nurture the type of environment you are creating for your children because it plays a crucial part in reinforcing right and left brain dominance It s time to think Right This is an issue that s not going away It s on the table While Human Rights Commission have written to large employers across Great Britain asking them to provide evidence about safeguards to prevent sexual harassment it s just a start Knowing that you re answerable for your actions is crucial Silence is complicit December s Time magazine broke with tradition and decided to award its Person of the Year gong to a collective entity honouring the courageous Silence Breakers who have put themselves on the line and shared their experiences of harassment at the hands of powerful men Again I say be silent no longer guys Our daughters must not be allowed to be mere assistants to male ego and urges Look again at Time s Person of the Year the Silence Breakers What does it say that the runner up was no other than Mr pussy grabber himself playing his trump card

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