Essay Example on Is it a good idea to put your child a single sex School









Would it be a better choice for them Defenders of same sex schools hold fast to the belief that boys and girls benefit from separate academic instruction The disputes pitting passionate supporters against fervent detractors have done little to dampen popularity According to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education only 34 single sex public schools were in operation in 2004 Although academically single sex schooling is superior to coed schooling we kids should be taught equally than being separated For one it s expensive to get into those kinds of schools you have to wear uniforms and don t know if boys and girls work better together or not Why are we creating more equitable schools for students just for separating boys and girls to racially segregated schooling If there s no educational advantage then why spend public money Single sex classes in public schools tend to be expensive because you can t set up a special class for one sex without offering equal opportunities for the other Parents who had invested in independent education helping their children make the better choice but if there is a better choice it is a daunting task 

For many parents sending their kids to an independent school is a commitment to giving them the best start finding them the right fit it could be in a co ed or single sex classroom is the key Co ed enthusiasts explain that their environment is better to reflect in the real world and if it is done right they can offer a balance Sarah McMahon admissions director at Lakefield College School about one hour northeast of Toronto Ontario stresses that while it s an individual decision she s a fan of the co ed approach Single sex schooling would be a better route to a better future but it ll be different When these kids come out of the single sex elementary school or middle school it would be a big jump for them They would be doing good in school but they could be facing an extensive challenge They might be facing people who are interested in them or they ll be looking one on one with someone who doesn t have an interest in them However these kids would most likely get over it and when they finish school they d have a good opportunity with their future jobs Now when hearing that the school would get a new uniform brought a new low However the head and governors were worried about the arrival of a new academy down the road So not only were our pupils perfect quality black blazers now to be replaced by expensively piped and pinstriped ones Lest we get left behind in the school fashion wars we were also informed there would be gender specific ties red for boys orange for girls Again some critics compare separating boys and girls to racially segregated schooling is impracticable When you re putting your child clothes on they aren t going to be wearing the clothes bought at the store they ll be wearing black or coloured uniforms At home I tapped out a letter to the headteacher explaining how a number of students struggled with their gender identity and that this was another unnecessary decision they would have to make I asked for a simple rethink I never heard a thing 

The uniform changes went ahead and they remain in force today Laura McInerney Therefore the parents and students do not want uniforms for school The question I keep asking myself is do boys and girls work better together or separately The boys and the girl s brains do function in different ways So the two opposites sex learn very differently Girls are more passive learners they are usually good visual auditory learners and do very well with a variety of class discussions and diagrams Boys are more kinetic learners they need to learn by doing Although they are not given enough opportunities to move around both in actual physical activity and in how they learn because they spend too much time sitting and not enough time learning by doing making and building things Anyways single sex classes would mean we could cater to different learning styles So if you combined them together it ll be a good combination Would it be a superior way for your child to go to single sex school David Robertson the headmaster at Shawnigan Lake School a coed boarding high school in BC says boys and girls ultimately have a more enriching educational experience when they get to learn together Coed schools have better prepare girls and boys for post secondary school and employment by providing ongoing opportunities to work together he adds Although single sex schools are superior to coed schools Meanwhile its a big turn for not just the students but the parents because your child is going to be in a school where whatever sex your child is his or her class is going to be full of them Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world Nelson Mandela I believe that education is a priority in life but separating children into a different class by sex isn t the option

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