Essay Example on Issue at hand is the recent application to the Security Council by Catalonia








The current issue at hand is the recent application to the Security Council by Catalonia to become a member of the United Nations under Article 4 of the United Nations Charter where it states that Membership in the United Nations is open to all other peace loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter 2 Advise the New Zealand Government on whether they should support Catalonia s appeal to join the United Nations Context 3 This section should outline relevant background information including relevant norms historical information political context It should serve as the basis for the objectives and options below a Catalonia a region in the north eastern corner of Spain is a democratically run area home to 7 5 million people regarded as one of Spain's richest and most highly industrialised regions and currently under immense duress as they fight to become an independent state separate from Spain b The President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont is part of a coalition of Catalan nationalist forces from Conservative CDC and the leftist ERC parties and together with the left wing CUP party hold the majority in the regions parliament and are the force behind Catalonia s attempt at independence

c The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy leader of the conservative Popular Party and one who is highly opposed to any moves for independence is only the fifth largest party in Catalonia d Talks of complete independence had been rising in the region until July 2010 when the Constitutional Court in Madrid overruled part of the 2006 autonomy statute stating that there is no legal basis for recognising Catalonia as an independent nation within Spain e In October of 2016 Catalonia held a referendum for its independence from Spain the Spanish Constitutional courts residing in Madrid have called this an illegal unconstitutional and the secession illegitimate f They arrested government officials who were planning on holding the vote confiscated ballots and closed polling stations through sheer power from the Spanish Security Forces The voting ended with 90 for independence but only resulted in a 42 3 voter turnout This resulting in Catalonia unilaterally declaring independence from Spain and continually seeking to be recognised as an independent state 4 Objectives 5 This section should identify 2 or 3 objectives that you are intending to achieve In the options section below you will test each option against these objectives so define your objectives careful a To have Catalonia internationally recognized as an independent country that can apply to the United Nations without being restricted by other countries such as Spain b To identify if any human rights abuses took place in Catalonia by the Spanish security forces during the time of the referendum in October c To determine whether Catalonia is recognised as its own independent country or whether it is still an integral part of Spain that cannot succeed d To gain additional acceptance from the five permanent security council members to ensure Catalonia s entry into the United Nations Options 6 This section should present the options clearly and succinctly Be creative in the types of options you consider You should consider between 2 4 options at most Option 1 Domestic Resolution 7 As this is essentially an internal matter that cannot be solved by outside entities it should be left for the government in Madrid and Catalonia to decide the future of the regions Outside entities involvement will only cause issues and lack the internal knowledge both regions face with one another a New Zealand can provide 500 UN peacekeeping troops for a total of 3 consecutive months to Catalonia to prevent any further aggressive and unjust action by the Spanish Special Forces on the local population i This in turn could result in backlash from the Spanish government in Madrid Option 

2 self determination 8 For each option use a heading as above Each option should consider the costs benefits and risks tested against the objectives above Option 3 UN Observer Mission 9 New Zealand should push for the go ahead of a UN Observer Mission in Catalonia to determine whether its citizens are the subject of human rights abuses from the Spanish Security Forces for exercising their Recommendation 10 Make a final recommendation as below You should identify which options you select and outline any next steps An example recommendation for the question of whether New Zealand should sign the International Convention on the Protection of Purple Penguins might be 11 It is recommended that the New Zealand Government a Due to recent events and current instability in the region from both Catalonia and the Spanish government that New Zealand should not support Catalonia s application to the security council to join the United Nations b Does not support Catalonia in their application for the United Nations c As New Zealand cannot recognise Catalonia as an independent state following the recent events during the referendum and the unconstitutional holding of said referenda and uneasy internal issues pending between the Spanish government and Catalonia d But instead follow the actions of Article 39 of the United Nations Charter to determine the existence of any threat to the peace breach of the peace or act of aggression that may have taken place in Catalonia in an attempt to shed more light on events that took place during the referenda e This in turn if the presented information that shows a breach in said article could allow for Catalonia's independence and then future acceptance into the United Nations

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