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Some of the biggest issues consumers face with operating their vehicles today is the increasing cost of operating and maintenance People are looking at the alternative options that would lower the cost for the operation of their vehicles and would allow them to gain more economic stability by looking at the benefits for the consumers manufacture and its benefit on the U S To achieve this electric cars must be more accessible The Benefits Of Electric Powered Vehicles On The U S Economy Using electric vehicles for the US would allow for the cost of importing and protecting oil reserves to be reduced According to Sarah Hodgdon the director of conservation for the Sierra Club an American environmental organization stated Look at what our oil dependence is subjecting Americans to The U S armed forces spend up to 83 billion annually protecting vulnerable infrastructure and patrolling oil transit routes Earlier this year US Navy Secretary Roy Mabus said out of every 24 fuel convoys we use a soldier or marine is killed or wounded guarding that convoy That s a high price to pay for fuel This is something that can be avoided by using electric powered vehicles It would This would reduce the amount of oil fuel that people are using therefore by doing so would decrease the amount of fuel that needs to be imported Lastly causing the amount of money spent on the protection and patrol of such oil transit routes and vulnerable infrastructure 

The US can also greatly benefit from keeping the funds in the local community According to the U S Energy Information Administration over 80 percent of the cost of a gallon of gas immediately leaves the local economy Further higher gas prices means retailers typically charge a lower markup in an attempt to compete thereby reducing local profits even more This would allow the US to have better economics across each community Economic Benefits On The Consumer Of The Electric Powered Car There are not only benefits to the US but there are many that are directly beneficial to the consumer of the electric powered vehicles When the consumer can save on the cost of fuel they can put that money back into their local economies Therefore increasing the benefits of electric powered vehicles on the US By educating are public on the benefits of electric vehicles The speed with which consumers become informed about ownership will have a significant impact on how rapidly this market expands The more cars that are electric powered the less dependent the US must be on Oil and fossil fuels All these factors lead to benefit that help the consumer US to live a better economic environment Jonathan M Gitlin an automotive editor at Ars Technica argues that a significant majority of American car drivers could trade their traditional automobile for a battery electric vehicle BEV with only minimal disruption to their lives Gitlin Many wouldn't be greatly affected with their day to day life by switching to the electric powered vehicles 

The vast majority of American drivers could switch to battery electric vehicles BEVs tomorrow and carry on with their lives unaffected according to a new study in Nature Energy What's more those BEVs need not be a 100 000 Tesla either That's the conclusion from a team at MIT and the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico that looked at the potential for BEV adoption in the US in light of current driving patterns Perhaps most interestingly the study found that claim to be true for various cities with distinct geography Many people don t like a change in their day to day life If everything is going well why would there be a need to change It would be simply pointless Thus by making the process of switching to an electric powered vehicle as effortless so it can appeal to most of the people that resist change but once they see the change they will never want to return to the old Economic Benefits On The Electric Powered Vehicle Manufacturer The manufacturer s that are producing the vehicles are the frontline of push for the electric powered They are the ones that are making it possible for the consumer and the U S to benefit by also allowing them to progress and change with the times and continue to grow and expands their revenue Companies have continued to build their advancements in the works

We have developed a direct driving in-wheel motor and controller to achieve high-performance characteristics The in-wheel motor is composed of an outer rotor with rare earth permanent magnet Sm Co and an inner stator The motor drive controller consists of a three-phase inverter and a microprocessor-based controller Terashima et al 28 The manufacturers are now able to make cars that have greater technology that helps them keep their rates of recalled vehicles to a minimum all due to the new technology placed inside the vehicles This ultimately creates a more powerful vehicle that the manufacturer can produce for the consumer However there are many arguments that go against the idea of Battery electric-powered vehicles despite the ever-growing popularity

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