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It was a freezing cold night I was tired from the high climb up the side of the bridge He liked to watch the normally bustling city fall to a quiet slumber He found it to be peaceful and strangely poetic I sighed heavily Just needed to get away for a little while I saw a man emerged from the shadows I see Me too actually in a way His voice was raspy and low He examined me with curiosity in his eyes his brows knotted in concern Ah We sat there for what felt like days when I finally decided to break the silence Who are you You shall find out soon enough So I asked not really expecting a reply other than a shrug or a quick I don t know If there was something here right now granting you three wishes what would you ask for I laughed briefly Like a genie out of a lamp or a bottle Something like that And are there any rules It was beyond me as to why I was engaging in such a conversation but I went on with it anyway And consequences are there any of those You cannot wish a wish for anyone other than yourself doesn t matter whether your intentions are bad or good and you cannot wish for more wishes He paused for emphasis maybe As for the consequences they depend on your wishes and actions as is the same with everything in life Spooky I said in a playful tone I nodded and took a moment to think I looked at my legs again This time I could not feel them 

They were suspended in midair it was almost as though they were entirely separated from the rest of my body finally came to a decision My first wish would be freedom from the grasp of society and the effect it has on my thoughts feelings and actions I want not to be controlled I said at last Hmm that is a very thoughtful wish And your second I would wish freedom Freedom of the body mind and spirit He nodded watching as the smoke blended into nothingness looking as though he were in deep thought He gestured at me to go on I had to take another moment then went on My final wish would be the answer to the riddle of life I want to know it s meaning This time his gaze shifted to me That is your final answer yes Yes Daniel would you believe me if I said if I can grant you those wishes Don't be ridiculous I I stopped dead in my tracks How do you know my name I know many things Daniel For instance I know that you like to read every Sunday under the oak tree in your grandfather's orchard and I know that your favorite thing to do is to share a strawberry milkshake with your sister every afternoon I also know that your mother left you and your sister when you were five and you can t decide who you hate more her or yourself I opened my mouth to speak but he went on I also know why you wished those wishes Because your heart and mind are too weary to care about material things Because all you ve ever wanted was to take a break from what is expected of you by society and your family so you can enjoy a breath of freedom And you want the answer to the meaning of life because you feel as though your own bears no meaning And so this man disappeared into the shadows before I had the chance to speak again I lifted my legs back onto the bridge and found my way home I walked into my house I had school tomorrow I go to Cardin Park High School and everyone is always telling me what to do very overprotective I walk into my house my mother and father are sitting on the couch watching a 

Norwegian show that I can't pronounce Hello mother I didn't eat any lunch is there anything here to eat She stands up and looks me in the eyes and shakes her head to say no What about your second He said without looking at me Tears welled up in my eyes I wanted to run but I couldn't find it in me to move So I finally sobbed hot tears streaming down my face He looked at me unmoved and indifferent Those wishes can become reality if only you walk away from this bridge He sounded absolutely insane but really I was the crazy one for listening to him I nodded dragging my legs back We both stood He looked at the cigarette between his fingers that had nearly entirely burnt out You almost ran out of time there He said dropping it on the ground and putting it out with his shoe Then he turned on his heels to walk away Wait I shouted reluctantly what is your name He didn't turn around or stop walking but after a while I heard a distant but it came to my notice that he gave me a shrug with his shoulders I didn't leave I stood there for a while until a surge of new thoughts and feelings overcame me I had the answer now and a certainty I never possessed before I went back to the edge of the bridge

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