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It was a warm partly cloudy day in the middle of spring The small birds chirping heavily in harmony and flying from each and every banner that draped across from wall to wall A small breeze blew through the Chinatown which had been placed perfectly in Byculla Mumbai kissing and nipping at each and every one of the civilians bare skin Glancing down from her window stood a young woman a sigh being the only thing she could put out knowing she would be saying goodbye to the culture she grew up loving and knowing The young woman known as Nadia knew the many adjustments she would need to make the United States was far more different than what she was used to She also knew that there would be judgement She was entering unfamiliar territory and leaving old routines behind Nadia had soon began packing her belonging s in the few suitcases she had to bring with her regretting it when she was done because it meant she would soon be saying goodbye to her friends and relatives She wasn t the least bit enthusiastic she was upset for when she was going to say goodbye to the people who have been there her whole life Once many tears and goodbyes had been shed the young woman began to travel and make way to the docks where she would soon board the rather large boat only to begin her departure 

She wasn't alone There were many other faces in the large crowd who had the same plan that Nadia had in mind it was reassuring to her that she wasn't crazy for the decisions she was making well at least not yet The large body of fellow citizens began to board the large ship to begin the voyage towards the land of the free Where Nadia originate from was a tough culture to grow up in especially when you didn't believe in half of the things you were supposed to The culture was extremely rough handed and it was one of the many reasons why not only Nadia was leaving but a large body of people were leaving as well Nadia had boarded the ship soon making immediate way towards her dorm where she and some other civilian would share a bunk for the trip to set her belongings safely down As days went by many had become seasick multiple bodies laying and hanging over the edge of the ship to attempt getting rid of the sickness that had so much power over their nearly weak bodies It wasn't for many more days till almost everyone on the ship had been severely weak still living sure enough but insanely weak It was just enough days to get them all where they wanted to be The Ferry s loud horn alarmed the passengers almost all of them getting up and acting almost like they had never been hanging over the side of the boat Nadia had retrieved her things never seeming to have left her dorm during the whole voyage across the seas 

The moment the young woman had stepped foot off of the ferry she was greeted with a shallow kiss from the damp breeze that roamed the coast She had then gotten a reassuring smile to appear upon the base of her rosey lips She knew by the sight she saw that she was about to add many great chapters to her life story instantly knowing that there would be great success in her future Nadia began walking down the dock feeling the many eyes upon her and the many others that had come along as well as her petite body covered ground with each and every step she took It frightened her but she wasn't going to give the eyes a reaction Instead she began to strut proudly until she got to where she was needing to be Months had passed by before the woman had even obtained a job She was needing to get back onto her feet and decided to take a risky step out into the world instead of staying in the shallow end The couple of months that had passed had been difficult The woman was still learning how to adapt to this new way of life Sure it had somewhat been the same as before in some areas but there were also some new things that she had never even seen or heard of before Nadia knew what she signed up for so she wasn t complaining nor was she regretting her decisions she was going to continue to tell herself she was there for a reason and that things would get better the minute she starts pushing to strive The road was going to be long but Nadia knew what she wanted and she was going to work as hard as she could get it

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