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It's Christmas. On December 25 The Lord gave us Jesus Christ When he was born the world was saved He would be the one to save all from sin To this date many people celebrate the wonderful joyous holiday On Christmas we go to Mass to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ Matthew 1 21 She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins This Christmas break was an eventful one for sure I didn't do much but when I did do something it was jam packed with all emotions possible It starts on Friday 22nd 2017 I woke up on a cold day at around 9 45 I hopped out of bed on to my warm soft carpet that meets up with a cold hard white tile in my bathroom I put in my contacts just like every other day this year I proceeded to walk down the stairs but abruptly come to a halt as I m greeted by my two cold and wet dogs Their names are Nico a black lab mix and Kolt a young funny happy playful but yet aggressive Chihuahua Dachshund Eww I exclaimed they cover me with dog kisses I walked down the stairs that seemed like they lasted forever I finally made it downstairs and walked across the loud hardwood floors I poured myself a bowl of cereal and grabbed the cold white milk out of the refrigerator After I finished munching on cereal I went up to my room and spent all day watching Youtube videos That was the same story for the next day the 23 because it started and ended the exact same way The 24th of December also known as Christmas Eve was a very enjoyable day for my family and I The day started with a bowl of Christmas Rice Krispies and a peppermint mocha from Starbucks That was really the entire morning for me because I woke up at 12 58 pm Once the clock struck 2 my family had to get on our big heavy warm coats our hats and gloves We grabbed the presents for our cousins and we hopped in the cold black car and drove to my grandparents This is where the madness begins

When we unload the gift from the car we walk the icy path up to the doorbell Correction this is where the madness begins It starts with the screaming of 4 boys all under the age of 10 We hear the thud thud thud of the footsteps racing toward the door We door swings open and there they are 3 boys Torin 10 Gavin and Nolan 8 all scream in perfect unison WILL IS HERE You may have noticed that I said 4 boys and only named 3 That’s because Rowin 8 months is wondering about minding his own business When more people arrived letting cold air in we decided to open some presents Most of my cousins got clothes and things of that nature but oh no the opposite of my gifts I received a massive fathead of the Real Madrid logo a Real Madrid soccer Ball and an FC Cincinnati t shirt When we left that cold night stuffed full of turkey mashed potatoes and many more foods I went home a happy camper Christmas morning most likely the best hours of any child’s life My Christmas morning was amazing It started at 6 00 am sharp with me jumping out of bed so high I jumped into my ceiling fan it was at full speed In my head the only thing I could think of was the Roblox death sound After that event I ran across the hall woke up my sister ran downstairs and woke up my parents and then woke up both my grandparents in the process of running around the house so loud I got to open my presents up last as a result of being so loud

When I tore open the Santa wrapping paper on my last present little did I know I was going to get the best gift ever imagined IT'S A NINTENDO SWITCH That scream was so loud it could be heard from a mile away Later that day my family hosted a dinner with my grandparents cousins aunts and uncles My cousins and I clicked away on my new Nintendo Switch all night as the other family members made dinner When The night was over I was happy I received all the gifts I wanted that day Christmas is a very enjoyable holiday for lots of people This year that proved to be the case as I received all the gifts I asked for I m happy that I could receive gifts at all this year I'm also thankful for the facts that Mary said yes in the first place because without her courageous decision we wouldn't be here If you think about it Mary is Christmas because she said that 3 letter word that would save the world Yes

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