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Abstract We are teaching the future generation It's our job as teachers to guide the students through education but getting them to love learning is rewarding I would like technology as an essential tool in the classroom to benefits students The meaning of curriculum of technology and the positives and challenges will be a first highlight The reason I chose curriculum of technology in my classroom will be the second key essential in my philosophy then my experiences with this module to support my key points Curriculum of Technology will be used in my classroom to reach out to students and their needs It is often a struggle in my experience to get students to be eager about learning in a traditional classroom Curriculum of technology means a technology of teaching or a way to organize and deliver content Dell Olio J M Donk T 2007 Technology is a beneficial tool and has positives that could be used in the classrooms to make learning intriguing for students My first example would be how PowerPoints can give auditory learning through speakers visual learning through the display monitor and can provide support for kinesthetic learning through repeating processes presented on the monitor Video clips can gain students understanding over a concept that could be challenging to teach 

For example a video has instant access to the proper equipment as well as gives a free expense for the lesson to be taught Academic content is simple and paperless for teachers by having their class turn in assignments papers projects and tests online In my experience the challenge with this module is students need redirecting due to using an IPad computers for games instead of assignments I often have to remind the class how to use IPads and computers in the classroom before a lesson Another obstacle is technology would make it more difficult for students to not plagiarize it's crucial to teach how to properly write a paper with reliable sources Last obstacle that doesn't pertain to me but could for those who want to use this curriculum in smaller schools is being able afford or have the equipment in the classrooms My classroom will follow this curriculum because of how much of a positive change it brings in the special education classroom Exceptional students have gained independence through integrating technology like typing skills making google slides creating IMovie s and taking quizzes Also the behaviors have decreased because of the framework and engagement from this curriculum In a classroom where gifted learners learners with learning disabilities and learners with other special needs are all challenged at appropriate levels at the same time students are more likely to be engaged in learning activities and less likely to be engaged in inappropriate behaviors Hobgood E D Bobby Ormsby Lauren 2011 The encouraging result the module has brought into the classroom has made me believe technology can help exceptional students grow not only by levels but life skills too I am a paraprofessional with a 7th grade special education class The classroom has several students with levels that range from kindergarten to 6th grade in reading and math In addition all students have a widespread of needs such as a non verbal student with autism to a dandy walker that struggles with basic motor skills I have witnessed these students experience both direct instruction and curriculums of technology from two great teachers that have separate teaching styles

Technology has helped these kids advance dramatically especially during a one to one where information is at the click of a button At the beginning of the year all the students could barely log in on their google accounts independently and now they could do it with no assistance The students can use proper hand gestures on a keyboard due to Typing Club in life skills There reading levels have excelled to online resources like Sci learn and read theory The module has not only made a difference in the student's educational but their needs as well Technology has been used as a physical need for one of my students who I mostly assist This student has autism and is non verbal that received a communication device to communicate wants and needs to teachers and peers This student loves playing computer games or watching Barney We started out by using this device only when he wants to tell me what he wants to do on his free time Once he presses computer which is 90 of the time I'll let him on to play computer games or watch his shows I d tell him his time limit and after that we would continue to do class work I wanted this student to see the positives of communication and how this device could help express his wants and needs After time this student has reached his IEP goals to answer personal questions using the device He has expanded and is able to identify teachers and students and is able to express his emotions and give a little attitude by using the communication device In Summary I ve seen how challenging this group of diverse students has made on an educator with a different style of teaching Curriculum of technology has made a positive effect with these students and makes everything from instruction to interactions with students easier The students are engaged to the curriculum and have shown growth in subjects and life skills that they will need for the future

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