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Considerable amount of fieldwork in Calcutta India this extract Donner

Based on a considerable amount of fieldwork in Calcutta India this extract Donner H 2016 implements the first ethnography of how middle class women in India apprehend and experience economic prosperity through the evolution of family life It explores their conceptions practices and experiences of marriage childbirth and their children's education She then delves into the repercussions that globalization is having on the new middle classes in Asia more broadly from a domestic perspective and how this redefining women's identity By centralising the topic of maternity in her writing this extract explores subjective understanding of the way the family is affected by India's newly emerging neo liberal ideologies that accompany through an analysis of often competing ideologies and multiple practices Donner sheds some light on women's agency as wives mothers and grandmothers in these new frameworks Domestic Goddesses confer the experiences of different age groups affected by these changes as they recognise that woman s identities are shifting and changing according to changes to attitudes in society

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Translation studies in applied linguistics

Translation a studies in applied linguistics has been practically explored by some researchers due to its significant role in delivering message of one text to another text Grossman 2010 noted that translation not only plays its important traditional role as the means that allows us to do communication exchange access to literature originally written in one of the countless languages we cannot read and enhance our knowledge but it also represents a concrete literary presence with the crucial capacity to ease and make more meaningful our relationships to those with whom we may not have had a connection before Considering these main points of translation function obviously translation demands an expert translator to be engaged in its function process and product Expertise in translation is needed in translation pedagogy because it leads to these three main cores of translation objective problem based on Holmes in Toury 1996 since the translation studies was firstly introduced Thinking of these important issues it raises to the question how to do a good translation how to differentiate a good translation and how to draw rater instrument to rate the translation product 

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Coronary artery disease CAD is a Complex Trait

Coronary artery disease CAD is a complex trait caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors CAD remains a leading cause of death in most developing countries According to estimates by the World Health Organization WHO nearly seven million people worldwide die of CAD each year equally among men and women with most of these deaths occurring in both high and low income countries 1 The prevalence of CAD worldwide is rapidly rising Over the past twenty years CAD has become the leading cause of death in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA and has reached epidemic proportions Mortality rates associated with CAD have shown an exceptional increase particularly in fast developing economies like the KSA The maximum increase of coincided with fast economic growth and urbanization that promotes sedentary lifestyle high energy fat food smoking low intake of fruits and vegetables and mainly developing of oxidative stress These factors have undoubtedly contributed to the epidemic of CAD in KSA 2 More than 80 of sudden cardiac deaths are caused by atherosclerotic CAD Atherosclerosis is characterized by the buildup of fatty lesions inflammation and scarring of arterial walls with oxidative stress as a primary contributing factor Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease

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