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Judaism Christianity and Islam all Abrahamic religions by claiming Abraham as a prophet are all well connected though the same stories and same people they could not be more different in their practices and beliefs Hinduism is the oldest living religion Jayaram Also known as Sanatana Dharma it is currently practiced by over one billion people Jayaram The very act of living is regarded as an obligatory duty and an opportunity to fulfill the aims of creation and participate in God s eternal dharma Jayaram Tradition states that religious duty is the aim of human life since it is the foundation upon which one develops the wisdom and wealth and happiness without compromising liberation Jayaram Practicers of Hinduism do not only practice their beliefs but change their lives to follow their beliefs Judaism one of the three Abrahamic religions believes God established a covenant with them and revealed his laws and commandments to them in the form of the Torah Judaism Abraham is seen as the first Jew he was the first to reject the worship of idols and preach that there is only one god Judaism Also known as Israelites their practice is devoted to the study practice and observance of the commandments Judaism Split into three denominations orthodox conservative and reform they have thirteen principles of faith Maimonides including

God is all powerful on may only pray to God The Torah is the primary text and there will be a Jewish messiah Judaism Buddhism founded about 2 500 years ago by Buddha Shakyamuni in India teaches that issues and suffering come from confused and negative thoughts and when we have a positive state of mind we are happy and prosperous in life Buddhism teachings develop a positive mind though love compassion and mediation About Buddhism Mediation is at the heart of Buddhism it is the process used by Buddhists to understand their minds and change their thoughts About Buddhism Buddha s teachings give step by step instructions to eternal bliss like Buddha himself experienced About Buddhism Due to the high stressed world we live in Buddhism is becoming more popular because people are interested in learning how to overcome anxiety through mediation Another of the Abrahamic religions is Christianity Christianity like Judaism is split into many different denominations the most popular being Catholic Baptist Methodist and Lutheran 35 Largest Christian Denominations in the United States Christians believe Jesus in the son of God and the messiah they believe through prayer the acceptance of God and repenting of their sins when god calls on them they will be saved and spend eternity in heaven They also believe that denouncers of god will spend eternity in hell with Satan the fallen angel Christians also are taught the importance of forgiving all who have wronged them and the value of teaching others about Christ not only thought word but their everyday actions Islam the third of the Abrahamic religions worship and accept God or Allah and believe that Muhammad is the messenger of God The First Pillar of Islam The Muslim Profession of Faith In Islamic doctrine the Quran it is stated only god can be worshiped and on one else can be worshiped alongside of him worship is for god alone The First Pillar of Islam The Muslim Profession of Faith God s right to be worshipped is the essential meaning of Islam s testimony of faith

The First Pillar of Islam The Muslim Profession of Faith Muslims follow a religion of peace mercy and forgiveness and they believe God s final message to man a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing up of all that has gone before was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through Gabriel Understanding Islam and Muslims In the religion of Baha i they believe that Bahá u lláh is the latest messenger from God those proceeding him are Abraham Krishna Zoroaster Moses Buddha Jesus and Muhammad The Baha i Faith Service and worship are at the heart of the pattern of community life that Bahá ís around the world are trying to bring into being Devotional Life They have a large respect for nature and our planets resources and say it is mankind s responsibility for using the earth s raw materials in a way that preserves harmony and contributes to the advancement of civilization God and His Creation Hopes for unification of humanity and a prosperous life in the spiritual and material aspects are here now God and His Creation After research into these six religions I found it most interesting that Hindu was the oldest living religion Judaism much like Christianity has different sects prior to this research I thought Orthodox Judaism was the only form of the religion practiced Buddhism is concentrated more towards having faith and belief in yourself than a higher being I had assumed they too prayed to a God like many other religions Christianity is split into more sects than I could have imagined a list I used as a source listed the top thirty five popular forms of Christianity I had no knowledge of more than fifteen I now have a better understanding of who Muhammad is in Islam and why he and his name as so valuable to their worshipers I also have better understanding as to why their worshipers name their children or change their own name to Muhammad Previously to the instructions for this essay I had never heard of the Baha i religion let alone known that it was largely practiced around the world the Baha is have values we should all live by in striving for harmony between humankind and nature

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