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Just Try and Tell Her What She Can or Cannot Do Even today women do not have the ability to make proper choices when it comes to their bodies History at length conveys that women need restrictive laws and conditions concerning their anatomy and in essence their sexuality The beginning of a woman s sexuality revolves around her virginity a highly valued holy grail so to speak and there seems to be a movement towards an even deeper degree of ownership over the choices surrounding her decision to give it away A new narrative has surfaced and gained traction where instead of just bestowing that trust upon a future partner freely select women choose to sell it shocking much of the public In 2009 the pseudonymous Natalie Dylan a student focusing on women s studies details the journey leading to her v card going up for auction via the internet in Why I m Selling My Virginity Her course of action was the result of a coming of age while attending university and for the first time was given permission to think differently and form a moral code of her own design Dylan 276 With that said any women with a perspective like Natalie s should be allowed to sell her most prized possession with a custom checklist as well However one issue opponents seriously have with this idea of virtue for sale business is this is a akin to an act of prostitution which is a crime albeit a victimless one Prostitution has probably existed about as long as currency has with a stigma stamped right on top but the past shows quite the impact and spurned truths Ignoring the shameful stigma there is no reason other than personal rationalization for a woman to not profit if she sees fit having her own sense of empowerment 

The difference in this whole argument is that virgins only have one monumental moment in their universe that has so much built up emphasis and anticipation and select guys desperately look to be a part of that Because of this it is not such an outlandish idea that a woman may have to turn to using her body as way of getting by financially especially with such a esteemed commodity On top of that these ladies all from the States found a way to do this whole process legally Ultimately throughout time there has been a demand for sex by individuals considerable enough for them to pay for it and those who need the funds enough to provide the supply Sex sells imprinting a price tag on what a woman will accept or a man to pay to exhibit her physicality In reference to Dylan and other virgins who want to sell all with varying circumstances and reasons to do so are implementing their right to have total jurisdiction over their bodies and first sexual encounter for a price proposed to them not the opposite Aided by an internet age bidders in certain instances have put that price at several million dollars According to an article by journalist Natalie Wolfe the same aforementioned Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel also assisted two other girls with their online profile and postings each chose finals bids amounting over three and four million dollars eyebrow raising for a one time deal indeed So what is the problem extending so far that others need be shunned to the notion Despite all the strides forward currently women and men are still unequal

Speaking for the United States it seems doubly incomprehensible that this is a known but overlooked issue in our society Even the integrity directed at virginity is different for women and men all together Women from a young age are shown and taught conventional gender roles and ladylike values that are integral part of self worth and esteem involved in growing up As puberty begins more choices revolving around the male sex arise administrating thoughts and emotions the birds and bees are explained and we are taught about our precious gift which all men are after This gift comes with emotional bonds that must be protected until the right person comes along staving off any impulses that present themselves Men are taught that their sexual prowess and the number of girls they bed is very important to masculinity Although there are many inherited and traditional views when it comes to losing one s innocence a modern women may now perceive her chastity as a major asset not something to just hand over to some lucky fellow with the all the right words

Without that sentimental feeling over it or about the hallowed yet unpredictable first time there is no negativity in women wanting to take charge and charge to orchestrate that To be honest most women would probably describe their first time as the worst one by far having reservations or regrets about it or feeling out of control the situation they spent so much time dreaming about Those who abstain deal with the never ending chase by men who view them as much more desirable The conquest of women has always been vital to masculinity and being the first to deflower a maiden is held in high regard a treasure in a locked chest Works Cited Dylan Natalie Why I m Selling My Virginity The Informed Argument edited by Robert K Miller and Robert P Yagelski 8th ed Wadsworth Cengage Learning 2012 pp 276 277 Wolfe Natalie Woman offers up her virginity for auction News com au 3 Jan 2018 www news com au lifestyle real life news life woman offers up her virginity for auction news story b96a938440847fc42eba2faedbfc2993

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