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Keisha Marie Smith Grace Bible College There are five cultural barriers in the United States they are as follows language preconceptions and stereotypes discriminatory treatment judgement and finally stress All of these are parts of personal interpersonal and organization institutional level and remain issues in today's society The concept of culture can be harder to grasp it subjective as well as objective a more useful definition Leininger states that culture is learned shared and has transmitted values beliefs norms and lifeways of a group which are generally transmitted intergenerationally and influence one's thinking and action models Hogan 2013 Language is a very important part of culture it is how everyone verbally communicates no matter what background they come from Language is a part of the general aspects of culture there is also non verbal communication Language barriers can have deleterious effects Flores 2006 Our book as well as the article mentioned times when a language barrier created tension The article briefly mentioned a women speaking Spanish came into the E R and the doctor thought she had stated she hit her child that led to the doctor calling the Department of Children Services and all because no interpretation was used 

The book gave an example of how a Spanish speaking women came in wanting a shot for her Arthritis and became frustrated because it was a primarily English speaking clinic Nonverbal communication is equally as important Non verbal refers to way a person communicates without words body language stance smell and eye contact Hogan 2013 For this example our text book used the workplace she mentioned that there was an issue with an employee not wearing deodorant it caused issues with meetings as well as tension All of these are perfect examples of why it is important to be culturally competent in every situation all tension could have easily been avoided If the doctors had been prepared to handle language barriers than their relationships could have flourished In the case of the non verbal communication than it could been avoided had the offender mentioned been respectful and considerate of their fellow employees In all situations there would have been less stress which is another barrier that is present There are various types of stress it can be thought of as layered visible and invisible for those in the minority status General stress is what most people experience in relation to health family work school and finances Hogan 2014 An example of an added stressor to minorities is the attempt for boy scouts to legally exclude gays from joining 

A general stressor would be a single mother not having child care and missing work which would lead to financial stress Preconceptions and stereotypes can also be the cause of stress Preconceptions and stereotypes are based on overgeneralized beliefs assumptions and misinformation Hogan 2013 They also be fueled by cultural incapacity Buttaro 2014 An example of cultural blindness would be an African American man thinking he is a superior being and every other race is looked down upon Buttaro 2014 Another example is a flight attendant assuming that a snowy haired African American women needs assistance getting on the flight because she is elderly Hogan 2013 Stereotyping and preconceptions pose a serious threat in today's society especially when gender is discussed Balancing work and home is becoming a major cause of divorces The partner working more does not feel valid which creates a barrier of stress and judgement Once that is reached it is hard to maintain a meaningful relationship Judgement barriers relate to preconceptions stereotypes and discrimination Hogans 2013 We can associate this barrier with the assumption if it's different its wrong The assumption when interacted with the barrier can cause extreme cultural issues A prime example is an individual who has worked as a social worker for 12 years feels the need to correct her new Vietnamese coworker Hogans 2013 

These are all common reactions when someone interacts with those who seem different than what is considered the norm Discriminatory treatment can also be paired with judgement and preconceptions Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things especially on the grounds of race age or sex Webster 2015 An example of discrimination is someone not being able to be hired on the grounds that they are colored or even elderly While it will not be directly stated due to laws against discrimination most states are right to hire so they can decide not to hire you for any reason and state they found an applicant more qualified All of the barriers assumptions and gender issues coincide Each one can be effect the other and cause a chain reaction That is why it is important to become culturally competent and achieve relationships and goals God told us to love thy neighbor and part of the is being culturally competent so we can effectively do that It is important that we do achieve true competence to be successful References 1 n d Retrieved January 09 2018 from https www google com search q Dictionary dobs discrimination 2 Buttaro L 2014 October 5 Cultural Competency The Effects of Culture Shock and Language Stress in Health Education Retrieved January 9 2018 from http www ijbhtnet com journals Vol_4_No_5_October_2014 4 pdf 3 Hogan M 2013 Four skills of cultural diversity competence A process for understanding and practice Belmont CA Wadsworth 4 Language Barriers to Healthcare in the United States NEJM n d Retrieved January 09 2018 from http www nejm org doi full 10 1056 nejm p058316 t article

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