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When King S says no one is safe in the world he is alluding to the way that regardless of how consummate you are or how kind to the world you are the world rebuffs you King S is distraught that in spite of the fact that he did everything right in his marriage god still rebuffed him 3 The brothers choose to meander the world since they trust that on the off chance that they can discover somebody who has a more noteworthy incident then them they will won t want to rebuff the world 4 Shahrayar chooses that ladies are loathsome and can not be trusted to be hitched to a man for longer than a night In this way driving him to wed a ladies for a night lay down with her and after that have his vizier put the young ladies to death 5 The purpose of the story is that on the off chance that you trap somebody it won t wind up well for you Shahrazad s dad reveals to her that deceiving the ruler will probably end with Shahrazad s little girl getting executed like whatever remains of the ladies 6 The Story of the vendor and his significant other finishes with the shipper beating his better half making her not have any desire to know his mystery so he doesn t need to pass on The vizier tells his little girl that he should do that to her on the off chance that she didn t hear him out 7 

Shahrazad conceives that in the event that she can recount a story to the lord and her sister consistently the ruler will need to hear the entire story She believes that on the off chance that she doesn t complete the story consistently the lord won t murder her the following morning 8 The evil presence must execute the shipper in light of the fact that clearly when the trader was eating dates and tossing the pits he hit the devils child and slaughtered him The evil presence consistently tells the trader that since the vendor murdered his child he much slaughter him and that its blood for blood 9 The evil presence releases the vendor so he can state farewell to his family partition property up and delegate gatekeepers The dealer and the evil spirit concurred that the shipper would return in one year an endure his passing 10 The old man remains to see the destiny of the trader since he is intrigued what will happen to the vendor after the dealer tells the old man with the deer the tale of how he wound up under the tree in a place where an evil presence frequents 11 The trader and the three old men I initially thought would bite the dust however the principal old man requests 33 of the dealers life by revealing to him a story Every trader recounts each of their stories and the evil spirit appreciates the stories and the shipper was without set 12 I think the lord is so effortlessly enrapt with Shahrazad s story since it is something that conveys delight to his life that has been as of late loaded with dimness I additionally surmise that the Ruler can see that she is drawing out her passing and that is the reason after consistently he says that after he hears whatever is left of the story he will have her executed 13 

The old man with the deer meddle so he can recount the evil spirit his story and if the old man can astound the devil by his story the old man will take 33 of the claim that is on the vendor 14 I don t think it is exceptionally unusual to peruse that story that contains god and the heavenly on the grounds that it enables the story to have a viewpoint that you don t know everything about This may state that individuals preferred hearing what we know today as anecdotal things however believed that such powerful things were fascinating 15 The three siblings father passed on and they were altogether left an entirety of cash which eat of them utilized for a shop Two of the siblings sold there shops and afterward squandered their cash and the third sibling helped both of the after numerous years they all went on an exchanging trip where the third feel in adoration The two siblings got desirous and intended to execute him however the third keeps an eye on spouse spared him and transformed his siblings into puppies 16 The sibling is will rebuff the other two siblings since he helped them when they fouled up their lives and after that when the sibling at long last ends up noticeably glad they endeavored to execute him despite everything he conveyed about them so much that regardless he didn t need them dead 17 The devil giggles toward the finish of the story since it is he believes that is stunning that such genuine things can happen to individuals that wrong others since the evil spirit imagines that a trader should bite the dust since he incidentally murdered his child 18 The evil spirit saves the life of the trader in light of the fact that each man recounted a story for fascinating then the other one yet in addition the way that th

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