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Kino's greed for wealth clouds his judgement According to Bruce E Levine greed is now gradually increasing which will inevitably make money the center of society's thoughts decisions and activities Levine 1 Kino's greed to obtain the wealth he thinks he deserves alters the pearl from a sign of hope to a definite sign of human destruction to himself as well as the people around him unlike his wife Juana most likely because due to gender and thought process Kino s wife Juana got caught up in the pearl as well however she knew morality ever since the beginning of the book For whatever reason women seem less likely to succumb in this way their appetites for these drug or money induced highs seem to be lower than men s on average at least Robertson 1 Juana would never get caught up in the pearl and let it change her she just saw her husband at the worst and most violent point in his life when he took her for granted and abused her when trying to protect the pearl Her arm was up to throw when he leaped at her and caught her arm and wrenched the pearl from her Steinbeck 59

Even after she still knew her morals and she couldn't leave Kino in his worst and weakest times After the unfortunate death of Coyotito they finally realized they must abandon the pearl because it represents a curse She still stuck by his side still supportive She looked at the pearl in his hand for a moment and then she looked into Kino s eyes and softly said No you Steinbeck 88 Besides greed irony another recurring theme expresses the pearl being a sign of hope to get all the things Kino wanted to quickly altered to a definite sign of human destruction to himself as well as the people around him In order to comprehend the consequences of Kino's need for greed one must understand why Kino was greedy Kino had felt as if money was the solution to all his problems and wanting desires came the little things Kino wanted a new harpoon of iron with a ring in the end of the shaft and his mind could hardly make the leap a rifle but why not since he was so rich And Kino saw Kino in the pearl Kino holding a Winchester carbine

 It was the wildest daydreaming and very pleasant Steinbeck 24 25 He had thought that with money he can now fill the void in his heart that he never seemed to fill since there was never satisfaction or contentment with what he had or what he was offered In the start of the book the author explicitly describes the visual things that Kino wakes up to that makes him happy She was looking at him as she was always looking at him when he awakened Kino heard the little splash of the morning waves on the beach It was very good Steinbeck 1 Kino was portrayed as a loving father and an even better husband who appreciated the little things in life that made him happy yet he was still willing to risk that life for an even better one once he had gone from rags to riches Along with not being always content from what he had he was also never fully satisfied of what he was offered like when trying to sell the pearl Kino s face grew dark and dangerous It is worth fifty thousand he said 

You know it You want to cheat me Steinbeck 50 Even though he was on the verge of going from rags to riches he was also on the verge of going from genuinely happy to animal like to acquire the wealth he thinks he deserved The greed eventually consumed Kino which inevitably made the pearl a source of destruction to the people around him and as well as to himself making him seem animal like and a complete savage which the author clearly depicts Kino looked down at her and his teeth were bared He hissed at her like a snake and Juana stared at him with wide frightened eyes like sheep before the butcher Steinbeck 59 This shows that the wealthier you are or try to become the more immoral you are Greed is a big reason why the wealthier you are the more unethically you behave And that's bad Kruszelnicki 1 Kino ultimately tried to get more money than morals The worst consequence was the result in their son s Coyotito's death Juana carried her shawl like a sack over her shoulder

And in it was a small limp heavy bundle The shawl was crusted with dried blood and the bundle swayed a little as she walked Steinbeck 88 To reiterate another way greed eventually consumed Kino which inevitably made the pearl a source of human destruction was when he striked his wife He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and she fell among the boulders and he kicked her in the side Steinbeck 59 though his wife still was on his side after he got their son killed and after she got hit by her husband Hence Kino was greedy and this greed consumed him and took over making Kino do things he never thought he would do resulting in consequences that he now regrets Kino now has another void in his heart that even money can't fill now because he can always redeem himself and prove himself worthy and he can always apologize to his wife for his behavior but he can never get his dead son back

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