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Energy Audit Knowledge is power but knowledge about your energy condition is a foundation for optimization of your company's operational costs We provide all aspects of energy and renewable energy analysis development and design and use a variety of tools to benchmark and analyse the energy and water consumption profiles of your facilities which provides us with an early indication of the potential savings We follow a simple 3 stage approach to identify develop and design your projects Stage 1 Opportunity Day visit your facility and provide a high level assessment of the potential improvement measures Stage 2 Feasibility Study conduct a prelim tech commercial assessment of the chosen improvement measures Stage 3 Detailed Analysis detailed development design of the agreed improvement measures to tender implementation Our approach to Energy Surveys is to understand the original design intent and compare that with the actual operation of the facility and associated systems compile an energy balance to identify where and when energy is being consumed and use this data to build a calibrated energy model for the facility and systems using Dynamic Simulation and Modelling software 

The calibrated energy model is built during the feasibility study to establish the baseline from which we can accurately simulate the benefits and impact on energy savings emissions operating costs and occupant comfort for any proposed improvement measure to the buildings envelope replace windows improve insulation air tightness of walls roofs etc building systems equipment implement free cooling heat recovery improve efficiency upgrade equipment and renewable systems This and the extensive experience of our design team allows us to accurately predict the energy consumption energy savings CO2 emissions operating costs and occupant comfort of our designs and test compliance to the relevant Building Regulations and Codes at an early stage We provide a design to tender service or turnkey project delivery solutions which will be tailored to your specific requirements Measurement and Verification M V

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol IPMVP is the internationally recognised best in class approach towards proper Measurement Verification M V and it outlines the steps to be undertaken to ensure that savings are measured and reported with a pre determined and acceptable level of uncertainty allowing rational decisions to be made as to whether the projected savings were achieved we offer the following services Develop M V plans for end user clients and or service providers which can be used to verify the savings delivered for energy water retrofit projects Develop M V plans for end user clients and or service providers which can be used to verify the renewable energy generated from renewable projects Independent advice on M V planning activities and advice where conflicts have arisen between the end user clients and their service providers Independent verification of energy water savings or renewable energy generation Having the savings or renewable energy generation verified by an independent 3rd party provides total peace of mind for end user clients and credibility from a service provider s perspective Energy Engineering and Design offers a full project management service for your energy requirements taking an idea from its initial concept through to detailed design We offer a full turnkey building engineering solution for our clients We can undertake all aspects of your project from carrying out feasibility studies design specifications project supervision and final account for building engineering services installations 

This covers all types of publicly and privately owned buildings whether commercial industrial or residential As part of our design philosophy we encourage full participation from all necessary parties and work towards the development of an agreed scheme before contract specification Our mission is to always provide affordable heating options excellent customer service and ensure that all tenants and clients are getting a service that meets all statutory and safety requirements Commissioning Commissioning is the process of ensuring that a building performs according to its design intent and the needs of its owners and occupants It is a quality oriented process for achieving verifying and documenting that the performance of facilities systems and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria Commissioning accomplishes higher energy efficiency environmental health and occupant safety and improves indoor air quality by making sure the building components are working correctly and that the plans are implemented with the greatest efficiency 

However after initial tune up of a building we offer as we call it continues Commissioning Continuous Commissioning CC is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems improve comfort and optimize energy use for existing buildings CC incorporates and extends existing building commissioning practices Energy performance contracting What is Energy Performance Contracting Here's how it works Piechart gif 6273 bytes You enter into an agreement with a private energy service company ESCO The ESCO will identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities and then recommend a package of improvements to be paid for through savings The ESCO will guarantee that savings meet or exceed annual payments to cover all project costs usually over a contract term of seven to 10 years If savings don t materialize the ESCO pays the difference not you To ensure savings the ESCO offers staff training and long term maintenance services Many types of building improvements can be funded through your existing budgets new lighting technologies boilers and chillers energy management controls and swimming pool covers to name a few A qualified ESCO can help you put the pieces together puzz1 gif 234 bytes Identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities puzz2 gif 253 bytes Develop engineering designs and specifications puzz3 gif 280 bytes Manage the project from design to installation to monitoring puzz4 gif 243 bytes Arrange for financing puzz5 gif 248 bytes Train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services and puzz6 gif 244 bytes Guarantee that savings will cover all project costs

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