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Study Identifying the best possible options for Treatment of the Depression

2 1 Scope of the Study This study is to be conducted within the UK with the aim of identifying the best possible options for treatment of the depression within the pregnant women Since the depression is a more common mental health problem therefore it needs to be highlighted researched out Weobong et al 2014 This study will cover various areas related to topic i e treating depression among pregnant women in the UK The areas to be addressed include causes of depression among the pregnant women services literature opinions and policies related to the mental health of pregnant women in the stages of perinatal antenatal and postnatal care 2 2 Definitions of the Key Terms Pregnant Woman A woman who carries gestation which can come into the world after a completion of pregnancy course or duration Class et al 2014 Perinatal Period It is duration of time that revolves around some weeks before the birth of a child and some weeks after the birth of a child Class et al 2014 Antenatal Period It is duration of time that revolves around the giving of birth of a child by the pregnant woman Class et al 2014 Postnatal Period It is a time which starts after the birth of a child It can be for weeks days or months Roy 2017 Depression The depression is numbness or detachment of an individual from his or her friends and family However in context of a pregnant woman the depression would be numbness or detachment from the family due to her pregnancy Roy 2017 3 Depression and Mental Health Problems According to Bor et al 2014 depression is one of the serious medical illnesses and a pertinent public issue The depression is featured by a consistent irritability and sadness and is one of the most prominent causes of injury or disease in the world for both women and men Closa Monasterolo et al 2017 It is also considered as the biggest mental health problems of the persons Closa Monasterolo et al 2017

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