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Abstract Landfill site selection is a very critical issue in the urban planning process because of its huge impact on the economy ecology and the environmental health of the region Landfill site selection process aims to locate the areas that will minimize hazards to the environment and public health The purpose of this study was to evaluate the location of the current landfill and to determine suitable landfill site selection by using the geographical information system The final index model was grouped into three categories as low suitable moderate and best suitable using the weighted overlay tool Chapter 1 1 1 Background One of the most important causes of environmental pollution is certainly an inappropriate waste management There are three factors that have primarily influenced this problem area are ever increasing amount of municipal solid waste increasing amount and types of hazardous waste as well as lack of awareness on the importance of acting promptly in this field Particular problems in waste management occur in developing countries where the awareness of the importance of environmental protection has not yet achieved a satisfactory level and where out of economic or political reasons professional guidelines associated with waste management are not observed Problems emerge either due to a lack of legislation or obsolete legislation lack of trained personnel inadequate waste management infrastructure financial constraints in the establishment of a modern waste management system population lacking the awareness about solid waste management impossibility of selecting appropriate space for landfill development lack of standards etc Waste management is the process of monitoring collecting transporting processing recycling or disposing of waste 

This term is usually used for waste produced by human activities States undertake this process to mitigate the negative effects of waste on the environment health and appearance This process is also used to obtain resources by recycling waste treatment can include solids liquid gaseous and radioactive materials As a result of the increase in population industrial and agricultural development improved living standards and the change in household and household consumption hospitality and failure to follow the proper rules in solid waste management Khartoum is producing huge amounts of solid waste daily 1 2 Importance of landfill site selection In planning landfill site selection occupies extremely important place In the widest sense the natural social political economic and technical factors have an important role in landfill site selection thus it follows that the selection is to be made by a multidisciplinary team of experts Given that landfill construction is considered as a noneconomic activity a special task is to select landfill site from the aspect of the use of buildable land and its price as well as other natural or urban values which have an important role in relation to rationality and planned landfill remediation or its rehabilitation i e reconstruction 1 3 Problem statement According to the Supreme Council for the Environment of the state Khartoum produces between 3 500 to 4 500 tons per day about 150 000 tons monthly The solid waste is transferred to a Intermediate station and then it got transferred in a huge waste trucks to the master landfill which is located in the south of Khartoum about 4 km to the northeast of a village called Taybat el hasanab 

When many chemicals combine they create a toxic liquid When animals and plants come into contact with this toxic mixture they are very seriously harmed The master landfill of Khartoum city is surrounded by agricultural areas animals and residential areas and this is a harmful neighborhood which is threatening their lives with danger 1 4 Study area KHARTOUM IS THE capital city and administrative region of the Republic of the SUDAN located at the confluence of the Blue and White NILE rivers Khartoum is the second largest city in North Africa with an estimated population of 2 5 million in the city proper and up to 7 million in the Greater Khartoum district which includes Khartoum General Khartoum North and Omdurman each city linked by bridges Khartoum is located at latitude 15 33 53 28 north longitude 32 33 58 68 east Figure 1 Location Map of Study Area 1 4 1 Khartoum Population Khartoum together with the two cities Omdurman and Khartoum North Bahri these cities jointly called the tri capital constitute the National Capital of the republic of Sudan their population has grown to over 5 million people But the population of Khartoum city only is 1 974 647 Figure 2 Map representing the density of Sudan states 1 5 Objectives 1 To know the sites of the current landfill in the Khartoum area from an environmental and geographical perspective 2 To evaluate the current site of the landfill and how much it conforms to the standards specifications and conditions of health and environment 3 To produce a digital map of Khartoum representing the best locations of landfills using GIS 4 To provide a range of suggestions and recommendations that may benefit planners and decision makers in future

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