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What Triggered World War 2

What Triggered World War 2 Hello my name is and today I will be talking about the factor that triggered World War 2 WW2 was one of the most devastating wars in history with the most amount of casualties 50 to 80 million D Day being one of the biggest naval air and land invasions in history and the only war in history to use atomic weaponry I believe that the main factor that triggered WW2 was WW1 I believe that it was not just the Germans fault but also the allies in my opinion the allies limited Germany so much they were forced to fight back The Germans lost WW1 which resulted in them signing the treaty of versailles which limited their army to 100 000 men an extreme reduction in land by giving Alsace Lorraine back to France and demilitarization in the Rhineland No air force was allowed only 6 battleships as well as taking the blame for starting the war otherwise known as Article 231 or war guilt clause furthermore they had to pay a huge amount of money due to reparations around 6 billion The unemployment rate was at an all time low at around 30 in 1932 which was caused by hyper inflation the devaluation of money the US dollar was worth four trillion two hundred and ten billion five hundred million marks 

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