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Late Arrival for Schools Imagine yourself The Students at school being affected with sleep deprived because of early school times But if The arriving time gets pushed up to a more later time than normal you as a student would not be falling asleep in classes along with falling behind in classes Meaning that all the activities they do outside of school they won't be worried about going to bed late and not finishing their homework because you still have the time you need to finish your house chores activity and homework and still go to bed on time to get that nine and a half hours of sleep before you get up and restart your day numerous of studies have shown that later school start time are associated with positive student outcome Including improvement in academic performance mental and physical and public safety later on after so by having later start time students will be able to be well rested stay focused in classes and be physically and mentally intact and lead to failing When losing sleep there is a multiple outcome on how it can affect children teenagers even adults because their student would be moody showing all types of emotion to anyone that annoys them looks at them weird and it would just come out there mouth in the most fickle way not only because they are tired they just don't feel like doing anything that involves moving any of their bodies in other words study failed to show relationship between academic performance and sleep time Wisconsin Medical Journal sleepiness for teens sometimes gets mistake for Attention

Deficit Disorder meaning that their attention expands is limited until they just space out or not have a clue what the teacher trying to explain even though they are listening it goes in one ear and comes out the other that's what it berefts And for the students that don't get enough sleep and drive to school every day as a higher chance of snoozing behind the wheel and might even be swerving from lane to lane causing a freak accident that could lead to serious injuries or death To scrutinize delaying the high school start time by 1 hour has been shown significantly reduce the motor vehicle crash rate Wisconsin medical journal so parents when you know your students are falling behind you should ask your kids why and if they tell you they have too much homework and activity going on it's too much to finish in one night and still get the good amount of sleep so they could pay attention in class Believe them because it isn't easy the health of these students is drained mentally and emotionally barely holding on to the things they need to pay attention to and when schools over they don't really feel like moving around All that is going through their skull is sleep optimism sociability progressively declined over consecutive days of sleep restriction 15 Bodily discomfort science direct Explaining that when you don't have the right amount of sleep teens should be getting the brain function is all messed up and scrambled to the point where they aren't eloquent enough to speak or have presumptuous thoughts running through their veins to move around and be active

All though they want to listen they just cannot function correctly the roots of the problems include poor teen sleep habits that do not allow for enough hours of quality sleep national sleep foundation the moment they wake up they are forcing themselves to get ready and learn everyday but it gets harder each day cause than their bodies starts to ache and eyes become gloopy and the only thing they want at the moment is to sleep but they know they can't so they start wandering with their eyes because they cannot think straight which is really crucial Most people in school aren't morning people so they get up and move a little bit slower in the morning but always lead the students to failing school and might not even graduate and that's all they wanted because everybody learns better when they're awake Carskadons every parents dream that their kids go to school and graduate and get an excellent job and succeed in life but that's not going to happen if their own children are struggling with the sleep schedule since they juggle so many things each day giving them a max of five hours asleep Making them feel like a truck just hit them right when they woke up

Not a good feeling whatsoever the only solution is if school starts when it's bright outside instead of it looking the crack of dawn outside We know people don't want finish school at 5 00 but we also know every families want their kids to pay attention and excel in school so if they have to get out later that won t matter because they are paying attention in class and bumping their grades up substantially because starting classes later in the morning improves grades in class throughout the day and boosts standardized test scores two hours of more sleep can t change how your brain function quickly and help you learn easier instead of procrastinating your work Later school times is a good thing for the student and their families because they can stay focused on what is important and past school with flying colors and graduate like they always wanted and also help their mental and physical stay intact and less putting off work because they are too tired and lazy to even try I hope this essay helped you see the differences between school starting at a later time and an earlier time and how it has a big impact on students

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