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Leadership is broadly defined as the ability to motivate or inspire others to make a change in behavior that results in the followers taking actions to achieve the goals and objectives established by the leader Leadership can be considered effective when the followers are motivated to achieve the leader s goal Leadership can be defined as the ability to influence and inspire others towards a worthwhile goal In the words of Hersey and Blanchard leadership style is more of how the subordinates perceive their leader s behavior than how the leader thinks he behaves because his her subordinates will treat him her based on how they perceive his her behavior in various situations The term leadership means dissimilar things to different people Although no ultimate definition of leadership exists the majority of the prevalent definitions reflect some basic elements including influence motivation intention and change 1 4 Objectives The main objectives of the study are To understand the major factors influencing leadership styles of organization managers and analyze their impact on leadership styles To compare the factors affecting leadership styles with the demographic profile of managers in public and private sector To compare the leadership styles of managers working in the public sector organization and private sector 1 5 Significance of the Study Public part is undergoing very great change in all its measures Nature structure distance from side to side distance down and quality of its products services part of amount covered rules to make and putting into effect of different tending to new policies like money business thing taken in Entry of competitors like new private part organization and strange organization with a good outcome putting into effect of increased technology like middle part heart organization answers all these name for good at producing an effect and forceful leaders with special quality of being a Leader qualities to make use of their part as the place position requests First who has clear act or power of seeing and special work can come after take the place of the farther

A first or manager who is able to keep good relation with workers to coordinate and get mixed together the activities in time to give personal or person thought to the working group to play or amusement the chances for growth to make ready training and expert development in line with technology based move forward and to respect the existence and arm of workers can make come into existence events that does not seem possible without any doubt Easily apparatus the questions of competitors get money for the to do with organization ends such as person getting goods from store retention worker retention giving greater value to united as a body image growth in market statement of part owner and better come back on an outer covering apart from making come into existence pleased or given with great pleasure persons getting goods from store Competition among the organization is becoming much tougher and tougher as most of the organization offer like products services and other buildings as an outcome of that it has become very important for the managers to make great change the people and the organization as a complete work to make certain ongoing power and growth in the in competition general condition where a greatly sized number of players have entered the market and are attempting to increase in rate the market statement of part owner and give greater value to their person getting goods from store base Workplace attempts to make out the quality of being a Leader polished and tasteful form of managers in different organization groups and discover whether they be different from each other what are the factors that directly affect the quality of being a Leader polished and tasteful form whether these factors make become be different across different Bank groups and across male and female managers and managers having different about education qualifications

CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Leadership and the study of this phenomenon had their roots in the beginning of civilization itself and the search for the characteristics or traits of leaders went on for centuries Underlying this search will the early recognition of the importance of leadership and the assumption that leadership is rooted in certain characteristics that individuals possess called trait or quality of a leader There will leaders among philosophers heroes rulers priests and freedom fighters in the ancient times They will all respected by their followers because of certain innate or inherent qualities possessed by them The quest for knowledge on leadership resulted in the formation of various definitions theories models and styles Till now there is a difference of opinion among the learners whether leaders are born or made Anyhow the studies on leadership seem to be still progressing because of its wide applications in all walks of life Moreover there is a great demand for excellent leaders today due to the influence of advanced technology increasing competition and the need for sustainability In recent years the importance of leadership in organizations has become an area of interest for study among academicians and researchers A lot of studies including Research work have been done on Leadership in schools hospitals hotels banks industries etc all over the world It covers Articles in various Journals national and international Theses within and outside Pakistan Project Reports Case Studies Working Paper Series Paper Presentations International Review of Business Research Papers Survey Reports Dissertations Books etc A brief report of these studies on leadership styles made at national and international levels is presented in this chapter Leadership Style Build your Leadership Brand explains various types of leadership styles They are autocratic democratic charismatic strategic visionary empathetic situational potential innovative versatile principal centered thought authentic diversity flexible smart quiet servant global great talent change knowledge Chanakyan Machiavellian entrepreneurial tough women value based leadership styles Moreover he points out certain myths and truths in leadership He also explains leadership branding

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