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Learning and Development The LD function is complex and constantly evolving requiring aspiring and existing leaders to keep up with current trends and cutting edge methodologies L D leaders and professionals have to embrace new thinking about learning and apply new tools that meet the needs of a diverse workforce from millennials to ageing leaders in the organisation Culture is at the core of building a learning organisation and your effectiveness as a leader in this environment will be pivotal to success Creating a robust learning culture will improve organisational capability foster employee engagement and increase productivity The new age LMS Learning Management System At most companies the learning management system LMS is among the oldest and most challenging to use Today a new set of learning tools has entered the market pioneered by vendors such as Degreed Pathgather EdCast Grovo and Axonify These tools provide curated content video and mobile learning solutions micro learning and new ways to integrate and harness the exploding library of external MOOCs and video learning available on the Internet 

The fastest growing segment in HR technology spending is now the adoption of new employee learning systems 9 Companies are seriously looking at replacing their employee learning infrastructure and shopping for new tools at all levels of the learning technology stack As a result of these forces the structure operations and mission of corporate L D are facing radical change Only a decade ago companies were content to build virtual universities and online course catalogues Today we see the learning function as a highly strategic business area that focuses on innovation and leadership development by delivering a world class learning experience promoting lifetime learning for longer careers and bringing multifunctional teams together to connect and collaborate There is also a new focus on convergence bringing together disciplines such as sales marketing design finance and IT onto cross functional teams to build products and solutions faster Forward thinking L D departments are facilitating this growth in interdisciplinary thinking by viewing the corporate university as a commons instead of a training centre For business and HR leaders the new models are a wake up call to adapt or risk falling behind in hiring employee engagement productivity and product innovation Leading companies are embracing continuous learning delivered digitally GE created Brilliant U an online learning platform that features video sharing and offers employee driven learning across the enterprise In year one more than 30 percent of GE employees developed content and shared it with their peers Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance believes in ensuring a robust learning and development for the employees

Therefore it aligns its strategy and initiatives with the overall objectives of the organization so as to establish a win win situation and also work for developing a talent pipeline for its employees by overcoming inefficiencies The company's strategy is constructed on the belief that real learning takes place when a learner is able to develop a new skill competency behaviour and is able to internalize and apply consistently to relevant work life situations The learning development module is divided into two categories instructor led training encapsulate a wide range of training modules including culture building competency building professional development and leadership development Each of these focuses on different aspects of employee skill development and engagement Web based training aimed at providing learning and development path IDP that suits employees job titles wherein a comprehensive library of courses books articles and tools is provided for self paced learning NCC Limited NCC through its diverse L and D programs aims to improve the productivity of its employees In order to keep the employees morale and productivity boosted regular training and development is given to the employees NCC in the early times realized that the lack of trainings to enhance skill subject knowledge employees of the were demotivated which resulted in increased attrition To deal with this problem NCC designed various training programs for its employees to provide trainings in various areas such as technical functional soft skills managerial skills etc It has incorporated separate training programs for technical and functional staff NCC has developed behavioural training program for training in regards to soft skills such as communication time management leadership emotional intelligence motivation etc A special training program is planned for project managers that would focus on imparting managerial skills and maximize output and productivity NCC has Train 

The Trainer program which trains staff of NCC to provide further training to other employees of NCC External faculty industry experts are also called for providing training to its employees All these efforts by the organisation have helped in improving productivity quality of execution and customer satisfaction DBS Bank Limited DBS Bank believes and promotes innovation in every part of the organisation The bank has set up a learning council that includes senior members of each department to boost collaboration and foster better learning and leverages modern technology to improvise the learning experiences It has introduced mobile learning and gamification techniques so that the employees learn anytime anywhere at their own pace and leisure A lot of key training lectures have been converted into concise e modules readily accessible in mobiles and tablets The bank hosted a Learning Premier League an online learning based game which was greatly appreciated by the employees and attracted a lot of participation by its employees Besides Leaders as Teachers is another initiative wherein senior leaders within DBS and also dignitaries from other companies are invited to share their knowledge and experience with DBS employees

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