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Learning vocabulary is a significant part of learning a language Nobody can learn vocabulary in one day or two day It is a lifelong learning The more words we know vocabulary the more we will be able to understand the meaning when we hear and read and also the better we will be able to say frequently when we want to when speaking or writing Problems involved in vocabulary understanding can also be solved by the context and the dictionary Usually we learn about a new English word are what it means and its translation in your own language But we need to find out and know a word like a native speaker does For example how it is spelled by native speaker how it is pronounced by them and other grammar information about it like verb noun or adjective Learning vocabulary seems to be one of the easiest things about learning a language but it's also one of the hardest things to do Learning vocabulary needs practice and time But in our days time is a problem There are a lot of words in English and it is impossible to know them all in a short time Native speakers frequently meet words they have never seen before in their reading So if we want enrich collection of words we need to frequently meet with new words 

Main problem we face that on remembering vocabulary Vocabulary learning has largely been construed as a memory problem It seems to be one of the major difficulties for vocabulary learners One of the biggest problems with vocabulary learning is that what s learned today is often forgotten tomorrow Most of the students feel shy to speak English before anyone As they have very poor stock of vocabulary and most importantly they find it pretty hard to remember and apply Very few of them study vocabulary regularly with interest compared to the large number that is why they think that if they utter any English sentence it will not be correct And as many students keep that same mindset and however for this reason most of the student feels shame to utter any English sentence before anyone Most of the students have no idea about vocabulary On top of that most students have no idea about the syllabus which designed by the Government for them which followed by the teacher in grammar teaching class Teacher most of the time in the classroom vary hardly use English because student feel discomfort with that language instead English they feel more comfort with Bengali And most of students have no interest to develop their skill on English 

As they said they are very proud with Bengali language while returning me the question paper with answer For this reason majority of the students find it very difficult to analyze the meaning of any long sentences Though English language is getting priority in most of the multinational company and other jobs so not giving concentration or focus in English language proves they are not conscious or aware about their career From interview I got to know that students are not interest getting knowledge or developing skill They always conscious about only good result and certificate with better result becomes their first priority nowadays as a student Student of secondary level know how to use technology smartly but they student didn't make any effort to learn something creative about education using that technology and most of the student use social networking site through that they wrote several things by using English language in their wall at social networking site but when they asked for any explanation about what they wrote they could hardly give the answer which proves they have no idea about what they are writing and they posted English status in their wall at social networking site unconsciously at the same time and they are doing that very smartly through spell checker apps and dictionary as they have smart phone already It is found that some of them enjoy learning new words but some of them not It is found that students do not practice regularly their newly learned words a later time So it is found that students are not always but often study a spelling of new words to remember So it is found that students always test themselves with word test It is found that most of the students are often practice vocabulary on a regular basis

So students are always got help from their teachers for learning vocabulary in their classroom So it is found that students are always put the words into sentence Here we found that students are sometimes written the new word down together with its pronunciation Student never practices vocabulary time scheduled and organized 38 students said that they learn word meaning from text books So here most of the student used English to Bangla Dictionary Most of the students agree that Listening English songs and news helpful them to learn new words Many of them students strongly agree that TV shows with subtitle helpful them to learn new words So students agree that Write new words on flash card helpful them to learn new words Most of them students totally disagree that listening to vocabulary CDs helpful them to learn new words

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