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Reading techniques for students education process

As one of the four skills reading plays an important role in enhancing a student's English ability. More importantly reading functions as a tool to access information to the worldwide web. Reading widely is a highly effective means of extending our command of language so it has an important place in classrooms where language learning is central purpose Nutall 2000. Reading is used as an evaluation tool. However, students regard it as a difficult skill. Dechant 1977 states that reading is not an easy skill to be mastered. It is a complex process that requires the skill of the reader. Many students find difficulties when they read especially when they read the text and have to answer the questions. Based on School-Based Curriculum Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan of Junior High School the standard competency is English student is expected to master four language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing and also to have communicative competence in using it. Besides that, the basic competence of reading skill which is mentioned in School-Based Curriculum of Junior High School for the eighth-grade students is to comprehend the meaning of written functional text and a short essay. in the forms of descriptive and recount text to interact in the daily life context. In addition, the achievement indicator that students must gain is being competent in the subheading skill including understanding main idea specific information word meaning and textual reference of the text.

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Modern Foreign Language teaching in the UK

Assessment is an important issue of Modern Foreign Language Education. The aim of this essay is to dive into a featured topic of Modern Foreign Language teaching in the UK specifically to investigate assessment activities in the MFL schoolroom. In order to do so, this essay will focus on different research papers that have been produced on this issue. The essay will first provide the issue of Assessment with general definitions which are necessary to understand how Formative and Summative Assessment is working in the MFL classroom. Then it will provide an explanation of this issue used during my placement activity. Within this part, the essay looks at my experiences as well as the reasons they are used. Finally, the essay will summarize its findings and provide a brief conclusion on its takeaways. Introduction. I come from Hungary where I have spent many years both as a learner and an MFL teacher of mainly Russian, French and Italian. Teaching is for me a profession which means that I set my standards and share the love for MFL learning. In my opinion, an MFL teacher does not have to teach students only to take an exam however, I am a teacher who believes that studying a Foreign Language means a lifelong enjoyment in that field. In addition, I am a lifelong learner too so I can exactly understand what my young students feel when they come into in MFL classroom and try their Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing skills. In Hungary, we have a long experience of MFL teaching.

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