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Letter of Intent Chasing your ambition in realistic manner can happen only when you have the objective clearly defined before you An optimist with innate yearning to set new performance benchmarks in my domain of expertise I wish to capitalize on the immense potential thrown down by the promising career in Cloud Computing This desire makes it imperative for me to gain profound understanding of the sophisticated concepts that underpin computer networking I hail from a family that values two things prominently quality education for children and instilling of moral values in them Such priorities have led to my development as a responsible human My mother was a primary school teacher in Riyadh and my father is a civil engineer who had spent 25 years in Saudi Arabia before permanently shifting to India to spawn his own independent construction firm I also have a younger sister who is 15 years old and is on the cusp of making a transition to intermediate level studies Our father had instilled in us the confidence to explore the world like he did and come out of our comfort zones a suggestion I was too keen to follow My formative years were spent in Saudi Arabia from where I had completed my matriculation in 2010 with CGPA of 7 4 My academic nurturing and shaping of perceptions took place under the guidance of discerning teachers at Riyadh s Al Yasmin International school Since I had to shift to India in 2010 I took admission in Hyderabad s Narayana Junior College for intermediate studies In 2012 

I successfully passed the final exams with 61 2 marks The not so good grades attributes to my indulgence in philanthropic activities and some other inevitable family commitments I had always been intrigued by the sophisticated electrical driven appliances around me and this formed the inspiration for me to seek admission in Bachelor s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Acharya Nagarjuna University This course proved to be a decisive point in my academic journey as I gained confidence in my capability to leverage the potential of electrical and electronics principles to further my future career My perseverance and resolve to comprehensively command mastery over specialized knowledge resulted in me securing 70 63 marks in the finals conducted in 2016 Two projects executed by me during under graduation demands mention as they served to highlight my grasp in core areas of electrical and electronics The major one was titled Raspberry Pi based Home Control and Security System Integrated with GSM and the minor one related to development of Arduino Uno based Automated Street Lightning and Weather Station Presently I am pursuing my first semester of Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development from Cambrian College which started in the second week of January 2018 I took up this course to develop proficiency in front end and back end languages like Java Swift PHP HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript as they are some of the modern emerging web technologies The first semester in the college will help me achieve my goals and after that I wish to transfer to Ryerson University and start my career in Computer Networks I have also developed proficiency in hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi Arduino Uno Digital IO and Processor Design Feedback and Control Systems and Signal Processing Systems After under graduation I was raring to gain some professional experience to understand how the concepts learnt in B Tech translated in practical domain Consequently I joined High Cliff Engineers Syndicate Hyderabad Telangana as Embedded Systems Assistant Engineer 

My primary responsibilities relate to designing and development of software for embedded devices integrating them with existing back end services and optimizing hardware applications At present I serve as an IT technician at a medical centre in Toronto Here under the guidance of my mentor and senior engineer I was started learning computer networking I am trained in troubleshooting basic DNS issues managing LAN and Network Attached Storage sharing printers and cabling The proposed master s in computer networks would interface me with sophisticated concepts needed to develop myself as an agile functional and intuitive Networking Engineer I am dedicated to preparing for the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification as this would further boost my career in the field of computer networking It is primarily the forte of computer science students However my conversation with present and former students of the program has convinced me that my sound technical background would ease the transition to this segment Adapting to this advanced field would be facilitated by my experience in the same networking domain Incidentally topics pertaining to computer networking like Digital Signal Processing Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing and Communication Network were covered in my under graduation and I had passed them all with stellar marks Owing to the said I am passionate about doing this program My co Curricular achievements include a paper presentation on Electromagnetic Pulse as well as organizing various events in our university technical festival Marketing remains my undying passion exemplified by my partial success in marketing our university technical festival and fetching it a substantial sponsorship from large corporations like IELTS Guru and Made Easy Education My hobbies include gaming and on a leisurely day one would find me reading and modifying various robots that I had built for competitions Here is culminating my application for your kind consideration and perusal and hope it finds a satisfactory fruition of my efforts for the past two years Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself and I look forward to studying Computer Networks at Ryerson University

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