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o something that I've been thinking about for a while is what is the point of life Well I've found a few different things that I feel like is something that might help me and other people understand it better Yes I know life is about serving God or whatever your beliefs are but sometimes I and other people have doubts about this Like how the bible was created by man so how do we know everything is true We never know they could have put something in that they want people to believe in or maybe even made it all up There is no real evidence of anything we just believe it It s kind of like rumors people who saw it tell someone else and then that person makes the story more interesting than tells someone else then that person changes something about the story and tells someone else and it keeps going

Well you see with the Bible the man who wrote the first one published it than someone who read it was like hey I don t think of it like that it should be like this then they write a new one someone reads this and disagrees so they change it and the chain keeps going Now you see what I m saying that was centuries ago who knows what s been changed but of course our generation believes everything was told Just like in the bible it talks about not mixing races and to not curse and that men should be with women and women should be with men but that s not how it is In our world its apparently all wrong about 20 of the world is gay and practically everyone is mixed with something NO ONE is completely one race our ancestors have mixed races we mix races all the time So if that s true sorry everyone you re going to hell because guess what you re not one full race if your parents are both one race that doesn t mean anything Another thing how do we know that there even is a heaven and a hell Have you ever saw it So what if everything we ve been taught isn t even true we wasted our whole life on our religion when that s not even what happens The Egyptians believed in afterlife how do we know that we don t have an afterlife because they had their religion way before us but then again there s still no proof At one point I thought about people say the seen the light so maybe the light is a womb and they re being reborn as another person in another life

There are many theories so we may never know Now we come to why are we here There has to be a reason I don t know what it is but there s got to be an explanation We are put on this earth born into sin but God tells us not to sin so why would he make our parents have us if that s even true We re also born with all this fear and are told nothing is impossible and then always assume somethings impossible and get a fear inside of us to do the things we know are possible and we start to think they re impossible when NOTHING is impossible if you try Then there s how are born were here for a while then we die I feel like were put here to leave a mark on this world we live in and to change it for the better but over the years we haven t done that much good for the world but actually making it worse polluting it cutting down trees and making it worse for every generation to come God had to have a plan if he is real he wanted us to do everything to improve his world but that s not what we re doing All we care about is money pieces of stupid paper that we care too much about Money is what makes our society so cruel even though we need it that wasn t its purpose when it was first invented during that time it was used to buy coins and shiny objects that you can trade but now it is used to buy anything and everything We should do good things with money like help the less fortunate because they need it more than the people that have money Instead of focusing on taking care of a whole entire problem you could just help some of the people that don t have as much that you see all the time it says in the bible So whatever you wish that others would do to you do also to them for this is the Law and the Prophets which means if you would want someone to do it for you you should do it for them It also says Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay him for his deed If you listen to the bible you can see that it's important to give and not be greedy

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