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The first novel adaptation into film in Malaysia is in the year 1958 is Novel Cinta Gadis Rimba or Virgin of Borneo by Harun Aminurrashid and produced by Cathay Keris However only in a few years back television series and film have been using book adaptation Most of the film or drama series that was adapted is having high rating taking examples of Ombak Rindu and Lagenda Budak Setan Eberts 2012 elaborate in his study that even though book adaptation in Malaysia started in 1958 if looking back into book adaptation history it was already started in the year 1930 when British Broadcasting Corporation BBC played a screening of Pirandello's play The Man with a Flower in His Mouth Then followed by Journey's End which is also the first live television drama to be broadcast In 1950 Little Women began as the first drama serial from the book adaptation Hutcheon 2013 mentioned Shakespeare s adaptation into a play mostly was adapted from the literary works into stage which made the works able to reach a wider audience which at that time the play becomes popular viewer who watches the play were mostly are illiterate

Hutcheon 2013 also stated that adaptation is a combination of translation and distillation of the adapted work According to Masterpiece 2011 a third of all films ever made have been adapted from novels and if other literary forms such as drama or short stories was included it might be 65 percent or more Masterpiece 2011 in another statement tells that in novels readers know the characters not through what they say but through what they are thinking or what is said about them in the narration Agulló n d in his studies mentioned when adapting novel into film or drama there are a few risks the producer will face and one of the risk is people will critic the film saying the novel version is better than the adapted version Aurier n d in another study supported this statement by stating that people preferences between novel and the film version of the adaptation is different according to people A person who read the novel first will prefer the literature version more than the adapted one One of the reason this happen is readers do not want to ruin their imagination about the novel As the one who also watch the movie they tend to dislike it as it is different from what they have imagine while reading the novel When the topic of adaptation is brought up a few novels such as Harry Potter Hunger Games Divergent Hobbit comes to mind Eberts 2012 mentioned in his study that some may feel excited to see how was the novel that playing in their head being screen out in a screen While others may have decided to pick up the literature version or even skip reading the book to see how it ends in the movie Adaptation today has been an important part of the media improvement

Adaptation can be seen often this day From Foreign movie to local movie producer use book adaptation to sell their movie or drama This statement can be supported by Agulló nd in another study as he mentioned book adaptation can be seen in many broadcasting area such as on the television and movie screen in the cinema The adaptation of novel into film can increase the interest for the book adapted which will then increase the sales of the book after the book adaptation was release to the public Eberts 2012 stated that when discussing about book adaptation be it for film or television drama the comments for the film or drama remains rooted in fidelity Conversations surrounding what scenes were cut what was taken too far what was underplayed or the poor casting choices often elicit the statement the book was better than the movie This statement or others like it has been expressed at every level of audience Exploring the phenomenon of the adaptation of novels into film binary oppositions and challenging the theory that the viewers inevitably degrades the value of the original work Eberts 2012 referring to the influence of modernism on the commercial and industrial conventions that were established creating a hierarchy of the mediums and casting a negative light on film adaptations If the novel had been written a few years back if it was adapted in film or drama the story line may have some changes as it will be made to fit the new time settings Eberts 2012 in his research argue that however not every film adaptation has the same commentaries Harry Potter novel and film adaptation is a strong example of how film as a medium actively works to condense its source text to accommodate the length of a feature film and make it more interesting to watch

With the exception of the final text each book of the Harry Potter series is adapted into one film complete with matching titles and overall plot lines The compression that occurs during the adaptation is essential and obvious as it takes only a few hours to get through an entire year of Harry s life at Hogwarts in one film If the source text weren't condensed during the screenwriting process it would be very difficult to cover the hundreds of pages comprising the source texts in a timely fashion If this were to be ignored then the conventions of the film as a medium would be broken

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