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LOTF Argumentative Essay Simon's Loss of Innocence Rodger a young boy with a ruthless heart influenced by others to murder an innocent boy Lord of the Flies a novel written by William Golding where a group of young boys from the U K land on an abandoned island where they are forced to work together to survive One of these boys Rodger is a boy influenced by an evil leader Jack to hurt and kill at all costs resulting in innocent Piggy s death Most boys on the island are forced to do things they never wanted to do as young boys Rodger is a perfect example of one of them Rodger started out as a good school boy and through his experiences and his evil heart he was brought to losing his innocence and committing acts of violence Through Rodger William Golding demonstrates how innocence is easily lost Innocence is easily lost through experience When the boys first came to the island they were only but innocent school boys unprepared for the evils that would soon haunt them and because of Rodger s exposure to acts of violence and hurt from Jack Rodger made Ralph weep for the end of innocence the darkness of a man s heart and the fall through the air of the true wise friend called Piggy 150 Jack influenced Roger to kill Piggy because Rodger watched as Jack manipulated other boys and broke Ralph s rules making Rodger believe it was okay for him to commit these acts as well Roger s unforgivable actions take away his innocence and leave him with an unforgiving heart 

Similarly young people today face the same challenges In the modern world even children as young as toddlers are exposed to unhealthy environments and having their innocence stripped from them The New York Times explains this topic well in the article The Loss of Childhood The article states It is shown that when children are exposed to bad language drugs alcohol and overall unhealthy environments they are extremely more likely to follow in the ways they have seen Children these days are being forced to grow up to fast at a young age just like Rodger because of their experiences When a child sees a parent or a peer committing an act of violence or taking a dangerous drug they assume it's okay for them to do these things because the person they look up to most is doing them as well This leads these children to follow in their parent's bad footsteps Just as on the island Jack s actions influence Rodger to follow in his footsteps Jack as the older child was powerful and influential While it is true that many individuals raised in unhealthy environments turn out okay negative influences at a young age have a lasting effect Without positive influence evil influences bear their ugly head Everyone is born with an inner evil In Lord of the Flies every character has an evil within them Just like all of us Rodger was born with an evil inside of him Rodgers evil side is shown when Roger stooped picked up a stone aimed and threw it at Henry 

62 Rodgers evil nature is apparent in the way he enjoys hurting and scaring boys He loves to do it The second he was placed into an environment where he could commit these cruel acts upon others he took the opportunity To add to my last point many people are much more evil than you believe they are in the world we live in In the real world the person sitting beside you drinking a cup of joe could be a serial killer or a rapist The article The Evil in Man explains my point in depth If given an opportunity to answer the dark whisper in your mind the one that aches to know how complete utter power over another human life feels Can we say with certainty that there has never been someone who has said yes Can we No For there is something of an internal evil in all of us regardless of whether we choose to embrace or suppress it it is there The truth is anyone of our neighbors could be an evil monster the pizza delivery man the uber driver or even the pastor at your church Roger in Lord of the Flies is an example of the evil that lives among us When given the opportunity to act in an environment where rules don't apply many will act badly like Rodger did Although one could make the argument that true evil is only in a select few think about the little evil acts you have commited it's in all of us The loss of innocence in Lord of the Flies is illustrated through Rodger Past experiences form who we are and influence us in good and bad ways Rodger was influenced in a bad way Rodger s evil heart was waiting to be activated on an island where real world rules don't apply Innocence is easily lost and hard to guard so keep it as long as you can

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