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Louis Zamperini Louie is an Italian immigrant from Torrance He was very mischievous as a child who could not sit still When he got older he became an olympic runner and bombardier in WWII Louie is very resourceful optimistic generous rebellious and unbreakable Anthony Zamperini Anthony is Louie s dad He believes Louie is still alive Louis Zamperini Louise is petite and playful but is also mischievous and defiant like her son She is very supportive and a good cook who gives the rest of the family hope for Louie s return Sylvia Zamperini Flammer Devoted and loving Sylvia is Louie s sister She took a job in a military hospital to get more information about Louie and the war Virginia Zamperini Louie s sister Pete Zamperini Pete is handsome popular well groomed wise and polite He was mischievous as well because he was sometimes with his brother during his feats

During the war even though he worried immensely for his brother the optimism he had made him believe in Louie s homecoming Glenn Cunningham Resilient and determined Glenn teaches himself to walk again after receiving severe burns from an explosion He becomes a famous track star in the Olympics Don Lash Record breaking machine who was thought to win gold in the 1936 Olympics Hitler Congratulates Louie on his fast finish in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin Payton Jordan Olympic runner and Louie s best friend in college Jimmie Sasaki Japanese immigrant and friend of Louie He was mysterious conceited flip flopper during the war Phil Phillips Quiet deeply religious and secretly bold as a child Phil is Louie s best friend and pilot in the war He is dependable confident and optimistic with a love for his fiancé that gets him through the war Cecy Perry Phil s sensible fiancé who marries him after the war SuperMan Crew Stanley Pillsbury Engineer and top turret gunner Clarence Douglas Waist gunner and other engineer Robert Mitchell

Navigator and nose gunner Frank Glassman Radioman and belly gunner Ray Lambert Tail gunner Harry Brooks Radioman and waist gunner Dies during fight with Zeros George Moznette temporary copilot Super Man B 24D that had a valve in the bomb bay that leaked fuel The plane was noble rugged and inexhaustible SuperMan saves the crew and becomes a close friend of Louie Upgraded to an E model Charleton Hugh Cuppernell Moznette s replacement and a smart jovial ex football player Cuppernell dies in Green Hornet plane crash Joe Deasy Daisy Mae pilot looking for the Green Hornet crew Francis McNamara New tail gunner with a sweet tooth He is selfish and hopeless and endangers the surviving crew on the raft because of it Mac s responsibility redeemed him but he later dies on the raft Green Hornet Liberator barely able to stay airborne Haggard looking and tended to mush All but three crewmen died in the crash Reverend Phillips Proud but worried for his son Kawamura Christian Japanese guard who was nice to Phil and Louie on Execution Island Sueharu Kitamura The Quack Most hated and feared official in Ofuna who tortures the captives Beats Bill Harris until he is disfigured Sentenced to hang after the war Hirose Faked a beating and save the POW s life Yukichi Kano Private who is beloved by the POWs Bill Harris Known for his height Harris has a photographic memory that was very useful in the camp He is beaten by

The Quack Gaga Resident duck in Ofuna who gave the captives something else to think about Died from the abuse from the officials Al Mead and Ernest Duva Gave extra food to Louie and Phil Curly sold the captives food for money and furnished a house with it Commander Fitzgerald POW who arranged the train to come pick up the POWs after the war in the Naoetsu prison camp Anton Minsaas Addicted to Tobacco and wouldn't eat because of his addiction Died from an injection of green fluid from the doctor Thorbjørn Christiansen Norwegian sailor who gave his coat to Louie Fred Garrett B 24 pilot who had his leg sawed off Louie gives him hope during the war but he suffers from PTSD after the war Frank Tinker Dive bomber pilot and opera singer Friends with Louie and Harris The Weasel His eyebrows are shaved off by Louie He escapes punishment after the war Shithead Violates and kills Gaga Mutsuhiro Watanabe The Bird Born with a silver spoon he was a spoiled kid who grew to be a cruel prison guard with large hands Psychopath who abused his power and signaled out POWs who would otherwise have more power than him Plays the victim after the war and runs away Yuichi Hatto Camp accountant that said The Bird was a sexual sadist Lynn Moody Louie s friend from college who contacts his parents after hearing his broadcast Prince Yoshitomo Tokugawa Removed The Bird from Omori after hearing about his abuse Shizuka Watanabe The wealthy mother of The Bird Kept her son safe by not tell the detectives anything Cynthia Applewhite She is kind patient independent and wealthy Cynthia marries Louie after the war The Applewhites They are against the marriage Ric Applewhite Cynthia s protective brother Billy Graham Christian Evangelical preacher who renews Louie s faith Draggan Mihailovich Tv producer making a movie about Louie

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