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Some rates of taxes in Texas are higher than other states

Some rates of taxes in Texas are higher than in other states. For example, Texas is known as one of high property tax rates in the United States. Each of the country's 84 million single-family homeowners paid an average of 3.296 in property taxes which amounts to an average 1.15 effective tax rate Brinkley Badgett 2017. In contrast, Brinkley Badgett 2017 mentions that in Texas the effective tax rate is 2.06 which is the second-highest among the fifty states in America. Property tax is related to almost everyone when they buy their own house so that means that people in Texas pay more money for a house than those in other states. Since Texas does not have a state income tax the government relies on the property tax in order to fund services such as school. However, the funding for the school is not enough for all schools in Texas. In fact, in some school, they cannot receive enough services such as school lunch. Moreover, not only the rates of property tax are high but also sale tax. Texas collected 1.226 in sales taxes per capita in fiscal 2015 the sixth highest sales tax collection of all states Stebbins 2017. This suggests that Texas might not be a tax-friendly state. However, according to Bernardo R Writer S 2017 the overall tax burden in Texas is 7.99 which ranked 34th among the fifty states, In addition, Texas ranked No 4 the list of best states to make a living with an average income of 35.480 and a 5 percent unemployment rate Gould 2017.

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Low-income populations are negatively impacted by their environment due to many circumstances

Low-income populations are negatively impacted by their environment due to many circumstances including inequalities of resource distributions. Such inequalities include healthcare, food and nutrition, education, housing, pollution, and transportation. The video on unnatural causes of health disparities clearly described the problems racial disparities outlined the multidimensional nature of racism. This video discussed the implication for clinical practices and how race stress and a lack of social support could be addressed. For example, Gua a 49-year-old hardworking janitor refugee suffered a heart attack and also lost his daughter to a gang's shootings in his own house. He later moved to a better environment but could not get a job and had to return. The video also showed how a change of environment could easily transform a person's life. One example in the video a child raised up in this affected community developed asthma due to pollution toxins or other harmful substances in the air and water. The health issues affected his activities including schooling and peer interactions. His life changed by moving to a clean and healthy community. I am motivated by the actions taken by the community members. Professionals in collaboration can rescue these communities with developmental plans supportive to community efforts.

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