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British Literature grade 11 January 11 2018 Macbeths Poisoned Mind Mental deterioration usually stems from an excessive amount of harmful outside sources These substances pressures or people can lead to devastating mindsets and behavior on a person warping them from who they once were In Shakespeare s Macbeth Macbeth seems inherently evil from the start but in reality Macbeth used to be a mentally stable man that would never harm his fellow man As the play goes on Macbeth dissolves from a moral person in the beginning to one who is easily influenced to turn evil to his crumbling mental state following his evil deeds With Lady Macbeth puppeteering his actions she purposefully manipulates him to do what she wishes with his mental being suffering the consequences In the beginning of the play Macbeth is described as a noble and brave man by his colleagues and acts accordingly so

After the witches told Macbeth of his fate he faces the conflict of having to take control of what his future may hold He says If chance will have me king why chance may crown me Without my stir 1 4 157 159 However after rattling his brain and conscious he makes the rational decision to let things go as they may without him actively trying to change anything When he says that chance may crown me Without my stir he is ultimately admitting his passiveness in the matters of his life wishing no harm to others especially the king He is fond of the idea of power but not by means of murder and certainly not by his own hand He shows no sign of harmful thoughts or any sociopathic tendencies until the seed is planted in him later by his wife Lady Macbeth As Macbeth toils with the concept of murder his wife extracts the idea and expands it plotting out their evil deeds and contorting Macbeth s mind into a broken man When their guests including the king arrive to their home Lady Macbeth tells her husband Bear welcome in your eye Your hand your tongue Look like th innocent flower But be the serpent under t He that s coming Must be provided for 1 5 75 79 Here is the initial seed planted in Macbeth by his wife to betray the king and murder him She tells him to act as a good host to their guests but on the inside prepare to murder their king

The murder is already evil but killing your own guest under the guise of hospitality is just as despicable Originally Macbeth wanted nothing to do in the act of murdering King Duncan but now Lady Macbeth pressures him and pollutes his mind with ideas of power and greed and tears down his walls of passiveness and forces him into a land of action She tells him to be a serpent on the inside acting as one herself Like the snake in the garden of Eden she is persuading someone to commit sin Lady Macbeth s persuading words are what ultimately leads to Macbeth s downfall If not for her impact he would have a much higher chance of retaining his inner innocence But because of her poisonous words in his ear he s pushed and pushed until he finally breaks As the play progresses Macbeth transitions from a man who could do no unjust harm to one who seeks harm to all who provoke him

As he prepares for his final battle he announces Seize upon Fife give to th edge o th sword His wife his babes and all unfortunate souls That trace him in his line 4 1 172 174 Before Macbeth was a passive thinker and Lady Macbeth an active doer Now he has taken on her part and is willing to let his first thought be his only thought He starts acting impulsively his anger portraying his decaying mental state Despite Lady Macbeth s absence Macbeth plots murder with ease thanks to her tutelage Macbeth struggled with the idea of killing one man in the beginning of the play and now is twisted enough to desire killing innocent women and children 

The answer to where Macbeth s children are and what happened to them is up in the air but we can see by his act of murdering a blood line for the sake of getting back at his enemy it is clear Macbeth s personal struggles regarding heirs has taken a toll on him and has effected his decision making making him even more cruel Macbeth s unhealthy addiction to his wife leads to her harmful persuasions corrupting his mind Once a harmless and honorable man Macbeth dwindles under his wife s words into an impulsive evil man It is easy to assume Lady Macbeth is the evil being who simply pulls the mad tendencies out of her husband but Lady Macbeth shows the toll on her later in the play and Macbeth has no guilt He toils with the idea of murder in the beginning and fantasizes about it at the end of the play His transition is apparent throughout the play open for anyone to see for all willing to look beyond the surface of the text

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