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Growing up my parents always made sure to remind me to respect my elders We know what we re doing they said or my personal favorite You shouldn t question our decisions And I never did I believed wholeheartedly that my parents would always have my best interest in mind and in consequence others would too I trusted the world to take care of me when I used to be too young to care for myself Yesterday afternoon General Attorney Jeff Sessions announced the administration is revoking DACA the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program On June 15 2012 DACA was introduced by the Homeland Security s Secretary who notified that people who came in to the United States as young children and meet certain standards set could apply for deferred action which would have a duration period of two years pending renewal 

They should also become eligible for authorization of employment Deferred action is the currently restricted immigration benefit by DHS It doesn t give official status but it is used by people either in proceedings such as removals who have final orders of removal or who have not been yet involved in these proceedings If the DACA is repealed around 645 000 individuals would no longer be able to hold on to their legal right to work leaving them at danger of losing employment as stated by the San Francisco based immigrant Legal Resource Center To end the employment of all these workers would cost businesses 3 4 billion estimated the advocacy group Nearly 800 000 undocumented immigrants are in danger of losing protection from deportation following Trump s decision on the program this Tuesday When it comes to talking about Dreamers and DACA Donald Trump currently former President of the USA has had something to say every step of the way From vowing to exterminate the program on the campaign trail to promising he d deal with DACA with heart Trump has endangered the safety of every undocumented immigrant residing in the country in the past twelve hours But the public is not succumbing DACA recipients and supporters say they are not going anywhere Protesters sweep through the streets of Washington and Virginia after the end of immigration protection for DREAMers was announced The decision to revoke the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ends a five year long rescue for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children putting a stop to a time when they felt relief from the fear and worry of being deported and could freely and legally apply for jobs I have no second thoughts about ending DACA 

The US has become a dumping ground for everybody else s problems was said by the former President Donald Trump earlier on this Tuesday after arguing that President Obama had abused his authority by protecting thousands of undocumented immigrants from deportation Donald Trump has never shied away from speaking against the things he doesn t believe are right and this is one of them he truly believes that DACA is against the constitution and needs to be eradicated After according to him much struggle and a very publicly made debate he has decided to terminate DACA all of us knowing it was simply because it was created by President Obama It seems like his main agenda is just to undo everything Obama did said Jimmy Kimmel on his Jimmy Kimmel Live late night show on Tuesday Donald Trump is in his own words the fix America needed Elect him and he would rid of all of President Obama s executive orders And since the election most of his decisions have indeed been driven by his derision for President Obama The totality of Trump s election was based on the idea that Barack Obama just doesn t understand what makes America great and that if elected Trump would undo all the un patriotic things

Obama did while in office If Trump was ever indecisive about what to do the program s affiliation with Barack Obama was probably the stone tipping the scale to its demise It would seem almost like Donald Trump has his own personal agenda and is running this country solely based on personal decisions rather than thinking about the people he's supposed to govern In conclusion there is more to this story than what meets the eye There is heartbreak and fear and the acceptance that everything might not be alright after all Corrupt politicians and misplaced enmity is driving America apart At the beginning of this election we promised not only to ourselves but to others that we would under no circumstance allow Trump to get away with the things he was planning to accomplish when in reality we already had It is not up to us the children to make America great but to the adults in this country to pave the way for us How are we supposed to bring America forward when it has decided to set us back How can I protect those the law is set on destroying I believed adult would protect us when I myself could not but how can I trust anything they say when they've attempted to silence me every step of the way

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