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Malaysian Urbanization Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located within Southeast Asia that has been going through the process of rapid urbanization Rapid urbanization is the rapid building up of formally rural areas at a faster than normal pace Rapid Urbanization can be a good thing however it has begun creating problems within families as well as an increase in other crimes U Malaysia gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 31 Aug 1957 and has used a federal constitutional monarchy ever since This type of government practices the election by the people of a king or queen Malaysia ranks as the 44th most populous country in the world with a diverse religious population with a majority of the population being Islamic Modern Malaysia is a multi cultural and multi racial society of approximately 18 million people where ethnic Malays Chinese and Indians live together Geographically Malaysia consists of two distinct land regions Peninsula Malaysia with common land borders with Thailand and Singapore and the Eastern states of Sabah and Sarawak in the northwest region of the island of Borneo There are 11 states in Peninsula Malaysia Perlis Kedah Penang Perak Selangor Negri Sembilan Melaka Johore Pahang Trengganu and Kelantan 1 Malaysia is considered one of 17 megadiverse countries on earth with a large number of endemic species U Urbanization within Malaysia has begun and is now in a rapid pace which is ultimately taking its toll on the local populations of the fastest growing regions within the country

During the period of 1957 1969 after Malaysia s independence from British colonial rule the pace of urbanization was relatively slow partly due to the policy emphasis on agriculture and rural land development projects Malaysia as a whole has not been able to keep up with the building and as a result the younger population of the country has taken the full force of negative impacts that have come about UNICEF states that underpinning these is the issue of disparity social and economic are resulting in the marginalization of some communities 2 The population within Malaysia has nearly doubled since 1981 growing at a rate of nearly 7 8 per year 2 Although the urbanization has brought along a number of good outcomes to include higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality rates it has brought its fair share of negative outcomes Some of these outcomes are an increase in illegal drugs that have begun flooding the streets of impoverished areas but also an increase in violent crimes as the economy within the country has not improved to the extent of the countries modernization U

As the country moves forward with its improvements to local infrastructure some alarming facts about the country have arisen as reports from local agencies have been released UNICEF states that HIV AIDs cases are doubling every three years there is in an increase in violence against children and young people to include sexual violence 3 Also what needs to be take into account is the number of juvenile offenses resulting is jail time and the lack of a proper general education system Although the Malaysian government has requested the assistance of foreign governments that have recently gone through a rapid urbanization the help being provided to them has not counteracted many if any of the negative effects of the urbanization 4 The country is expected to exceed 70 by 2020 in the rate of urbanization U Some solutions that may help with counteracting the negative effects of urbanization is to create subsects of the current government that handle some of the issues As of now the Malaysian government relies primarily on the police force to counter any issues that arise on the streets With different sections of law enforcement tasked for different portions of crime whether it be drug related or criminal abuse cases the workload being reduced may help with lowering some of the negative effects of the urbanization

With these simple changes the crime rate will drop allowing the country to continue in a forward path rather than worrying about the increasing crime rates U Although urbanization is not necessarily a negative thing the pace of the buildup will always have at least a few negative effects but it is expected and even if Malaysia is having some issues in terms of neglect and crime all can be sorted out with an extensive plan that breaks down the sections or specific areas that are going through the fastest modernization or urban buildup and interact with the population As of now the ones who are hurting the most are the children as they lose valuable time with their families References Overview UNICEF Malaysia Overview Challenges facing children in Malaysia www unicef org malaysia overview_children 27s 20challenges html hanisahwarrior Follow URBANIZATION IN MALAYSIA LinkedIn SlideShare 20 Feb 2016 www slideshare net hanisahwarrior urbanization in malaysia Malaysia Wikipedia Wikimedia Foundation 24 Jan 2018 en wikipedia org wiki Malaysia https www researchgate net publication 45315543_Urban_governance_and_rapid_urbanization_issues_in_Malaysia

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