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Throughout history humans have become very selfish criticising others behind their backs thinking of themselves before others and even hoping others fail so that they may achieve People have begun to believe that they deserve everything they desire Although these things may not seem detrimental they can actually lead to something extremely vile Because of the selfish people in the world the nature of mankind will lead to its own extinction First of all stealing is an act of selfishness that could lead to extinction While stealing isn t entirely the act of killing stealing can lead to it In the novel when the child and his father caught up to the thief the father claimed i ll kill you where you stand McCarthy 256 With this threat the man leads to human extinction by threatening to kill the thief Later the self centered man pronounced i m going to leave you the way you left us McCarthy 257 This narrow minded remark is another example of the fathers selfishness After all the thief is caught in a situation where he is going to die if he doesn t steal from others McCarthy 259 Ultimately the selfish acts of both the thief and the father led to someone dying meaning that the act of stealing can and will slowly lead to human extinction 

Furthermore suicide is a second act of selfishness that also plays a major role when it comes to extinction The number of people that commit suicide will increase when they begin to assume that the world is coming to an end During the 9 11 attacks in New York suicide was an issue because of the collapse of the the twin towers People become suicidal when they encounter feelings of depression hopelessness guilt and shame Lankford The initial act of suicide was committed by the people in this case because they didn t believe there was a reason to live Kashdan After people commit suicide they lead mankind closer to extinction because of the many number of deaths Another example of suicide also occurs in the novel when the woman concludes that they are not survivors McCarthy 55 In this claim the woman is already drawing herself closer to death Afterwards the woman s self interest is unfavorable and continuing to lead her down the wrong path Selfishly she was gone and the coldness of it was her final gift McCarthy 58

This selfish doing eventually ends with more death proving that suicide will also gradually evolve into extinction Most importantly human cannibalism is a further example of a selfish act that will lead to human extinction It is said that survivors of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash in the Andes had eventually resorted to eating the cadavers of their dead comrades Baggini This is unacceptable because after consuming the deceased they will begin to accept execution of their own in order to survive Afterward moving closer to mankind s extinction Cannibalism takes place in the novel multiple times as well For example the father and son see a charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening on a spit McCarthy 198 The reason this is potentially going to lead to extinction is because of all the people that are being killed through the process Additionally the father and son see naked people male and female all trying to hide shielding their faces with their hands McCarthy 110 The men and women responsible for keeping the naked people in that basement were very self absorbed 

This is true for reasons such as having the belief that their hunger is worth others lives Likewise along with the naked people was a man with his legs gone to the hip and the stumps of them blackened and burnt McCarthy 110 The only possible reason for this doing is selfishness Finally as a result of cannibalism many people are injured with the probable chance of being killed proceeding to extinction Despite the fact that mankind s nature will lead to extinction many people believe that mankind will not lead into their own extinction It is declared that when you take care of yourself first you show up as a healthy grounded person in life Rosen With this said a number of people believe that selfishness will lead to a healthy grounded and abundant life In the end it is assured that our species has created new terrifying risks that didn t exist a few decades ago and that the world is headed into a period of great vulnerability Guterl Therefore the selfish nature of mankind will lead to human extinction because of the many horrid acts that follow its beaten path Works Cited Baggini Julian The Ethics of Cannibalism

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