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Many designers find it difficult to use verbs to describe design because much of the design process is an intuitive act so they rely mostly on symbols and implied knowledge rather than clear and logical thinking to explain and express their idea Interior Design too is not an exception It combines aesthetics and implied knowledge to develop design solutions that are safe functional and meet the needs of the people using the space This paper intends to have a look on the necessity of research as an essential part of the design profession and how it assists interior design companies to fulfil their obligations as designers and help support their design clients The times have changed and what design clients used to expect from interior design companies ten or twenty years ago is different from what they are looking for today Due to the competitive world of creativity and design clients expectations have raised and they now look for designers who have strong knowledge and background in research and are able to justify their design decisions The first reason for research in interior design begins with the clients who want to trust their project with an interior design firm They want to know who their candidate interior design firm is what it does how long it has been in business the location of the office the types of consultants and other professionals that will be working on the project and the kind of services the firm is able to provide The outcome of this initial research will determine the firm that is going to be fulfilling the client's needs and wants 

The American Society of Interior Designers ASID defines an interior designer as someone who is professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment Qualified through education experience and examination a professional designer should be able to identify research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy safe and comfortable physical environment Therefore the second reason for research in interior design is for interior designers to develop a deeper understanding of their client's needs as well as the connection between the design and the space and user experience To ensure that every proposed design and strategy unlocks new solutions for their clients and makes a difference where it really matters With the fast pace of global economic and technological change the standard design or structural solutions may not fit the current challenges anymore So research will assist with questioning and updating past old assumptions of traditional design resolutions as it brings in new insights and levels of innovative design to clients creating high performance socially impactful solutions So through research interior designers and companies are able to support their clients building stronger partnerships with them They create a connection between design human experience and business as they meet the needs and wants of their clients By shaping the lives of the users bringing vitality and enhancing experiences of the people who live and interact with the space they design Clients as part of this global community and society benefit from solutions provided by interior design companies One example could be the effects of research on traditionally designed health facilities In the past health care design was more focused on designing facilities that were functionally effective 

Such as designing doors wide enough to accommodate patient beds or providing efficient space for labs These design methods first were found to be unsatisfactory from marketing standpoints as they failed to fulfil psychological needs of patients visitors and staff by creating a sense of fear and anxiety in them due to environmental stressors Later researches showed that poor design works against the well being of a patient and linked it to negative consequences such as elevated blood pressure anxiety and increased intake of pain reliever drugs in patients which work against the process of healing Throughout the years scientific researches collaborations and experiments such as the Pebble Project have provided designers with new insights that are more credible than their intuitions These insights include the effects of design on physical and psychological well being of patients creating greater awareness among healthcare decision makers to push them to construct psychologically supportive designed facilities which can also be linked to money saving outcomes in health care In many ways research in interior design field has proven to introduce solutions that promote wellness in society For instance creating vitality and enhancing human experiences that are safe functional aesthetically appropriate resolutions that meet all public health life safety and welfare requirements Research could also be treated as an investment in the future by interior designers firms and companies where they utilize it as their ability to support their clients As the world continues to evolve becoming urban connected and fast paced every day the need for creative research based design resolutions will also get greater and more important

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