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Essay Assignment Rough Draft In the past few decades there have been many major technological advances in the United States of America Though this has provided many positive changes technology has begun to consume many people's lives Leaving them disconnected and unaware of life around them This was previously predicted in a book by the name of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury This book was meant to act as a warning by Bradbury to prevent the negative outcomes of a technological society Bradbury s treatment of technology and how it disconnects the characters in Fahrenheit 451 is not far off from how technology in the modern world disconnects people today Fahrenheit 451 is a world consumed with technology One important form of technology throughout the book are the Parlor Walls Parlor walls are television screens that cover the surface of an entire wall then eventually all surfaces in an entire room Montag and Mildred own three walls Mildred spends most of her time watching them Another important aspect of technology in Fahrenheit 451 are Mildred s Thimble Earbuds When Mildred isn t watching the Parlor Walls she has her Thimble earbuds in Bradbury describes them as the little Seashells the thimble radios tamped tight and an electronic ocean of sound of music and talk and music and talk coming in coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind Even when Mildred sleeps her thoughts are blocked out by music Each form of technology keeps her out of touch with reality

As technology grows in America people are beginning to become out of touch with reality As smart phones and video games have become more accessible so to has their access for an escape from reality It is easier and easier for people to get lost in the different worlds of the internet Facebook SnapChat Instagram Youtube Netflix etc each making them feel popular with all of their Friends and Followers This false sense of popularity changes their perception of reality Most people have become reliant on their devices for the organization and management of their lives therefore making phones an important and daily aspect of their lives As well as phones video games are an important technological aspect in america as well They also provide a Virtual Reality for their users but in a more realistic sense Allowing players to create Avatars representing themselves as well as participating in mainly violent and gruesome acts throughout the various games Players use these alternate realities as an escape from reality itself The technology in Fahrenheit 451 is easily comparable to the technology today When comparing today's technological influences to the influences in Fahrenheit 451 it is clear that they they are become more and more similar each year Just by comparing the influence and use of Parlor Walls and smartphones or video games all three of these forms of technology encourage people to abandon their own reality and at times blur the lines of reality and virtual reality In both worlds people are detached and almost in a hypnotic state alienating themselves from others and becoming less approachable I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is or flowers because they never see them slowly If you showed a driver a green blur Thats grass A pink blur Thats a rose garden said Clarisse when referring to jet car drivers Just like in Fahrenheit 451 people in the modern day do not stop to look around they just zoom back and forth from place to place ignoring what's around them 

After a while technology begins to disconnect people though it is said to bring us together In Fahrenheit 451 people families and societies are very disconnected It isn t normal to talk or discuss with others This concept is very apparent in Mildred and her Parlor walls She uses them as an escape from her otherwise boring and sad life This affects Mildred in a very negative way he becomes very detached unaware and numb from the real world and confuses her life life with television Mildred s altered perception negatively affects her relationship with Montag as she prefers to watch The Walls rather than talk or interact with her husband How technology disconnects people in Fahrenheit 451 is relevant to today in that if people aren't aware of how they are letting technology influence them and their human relationships then we all will be living in a world very close to that in Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury used this book to warn people about their use of technology Instead of sitting down and talking over dinner families are collectively stationed in front of the television People are walking down the street with eyes glued to a screen not looking around at their surroundings not communicating with others As people switch to wireless unlimited and continue to be the best and better appliances They don't realize they are disconnecting themselves from much needed human interaction As america grows comfortably into a technological society the importance of this book continues to grow with it In summary Fahrenheit 451 acts as a three hundred and fifty eight page warning label about how technology can affect how people connect So how do we not allow for technology to disconnect us How do we not become consumed in our own virtual realities Talk and connect with others Look around and be aware of the world around us Even though Bradbury s treatment of technology and how it disconnects the characters in Fahrenheit 451 is not far off from how technology in the modern world disconnects people today There is still time to put down a video game controller or a smartphone and start picking up a book

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